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It’s taken me a year and some since I took on this project, but I finally have the trifecta of Crobato’s work chronicled when this goes live. I certainly hope that both old and new members of the Homeworld community appreciates it.

Chris “Crobato” Robato is a name known in the Homeworld fan community, known for a few notable, well-written pieces in the early 2000s. Before Soul of the Progenitors dropped in 2004, he would go to write two of his well-known works; The White Beast, and The Kadeshi Crusade.

Both were originally hosted on Kiithopia, and then hosted on the now defunct RelicNews forum; a hotspot for all Homeworld fans in those days.

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Note: Originally I was not going to make an entry on this story. But as the only source of info on this is from The Greeneville Sun, and they demand that you pay to even see the article, I’m posting my eyewitness account of what went down. Their account is here if you do want to spare the pocketchange and to get the full info dump.

Friday, February 26, 2021
6:22 PM
504 Asheville Hwy; Greeneville, TN

I was on my way home Friday afternoon, having done the grocery run. Just as I lined up for the final shot home on Asheville Hwy, I got a request; grab spicy McNuggets.

It’s the last haul, it was on my route, and it was Friday night. Why not? Yes, this is why I stopped, and what led me to seeing this.

So as I turn into McDonalds, I see a bunch of blue lights at a house behind Food City and Ingles. From the size of it, I didn’t realize it was a house; for some reason I always assumed that it was some community building/office. Well, there was a ton of police and fire trucks up around this place.

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Something I did at the beginning of 2020, just to get back on track after some work and whatnot happened. Specifically, had two very nutty jobs I did work for, and just needed to create something really in tune to my interests.

This was also inspired by the stories about Lockheed Skunkworks. Plus also showing off some heroines with space-age weaponry in black.

Guest appearance of @gettingoutofmyhometown as the group’s pilot.

You can view the original art piece here!

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