About Me

Janeil Harricharan is a young aspiring professional, working to share several stories through written work and game development. His current projects includes his sci-fi visual novel The Dawnstar Chronicles, his young adult fantasy novel series Michiko Bates, and lastly his new project Voyage Across an Endless Sky, an illustrated fiction work with a fantasy storybook feel. 35 years old, he graduated with his Bachelor’s in Digital Media from East Tennessee State University in 2013.

Janeil is an avid PC gamer, current favorites being random indie or strategy games, Supreme Commander and the massive-online multiplayer game Elite: Dangerous. Other hobbies include writing, sketching and digital coloring. He currently resides in his rural hometown of Parrottsville, TN, helping his parents with their family-owned business as a second job. Living a transient lifestyle and loving traveling frequently,

Janeil is on the hunt for a suburb and city to call home, and a special someone to share in his adventures with.

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