Projects I’m currently working on and/or involved in:



Michiko Bates Chronicles

This is a project that’s been in the making for quite a long time, and has had focused work on for a little over a whole year. The simple synopsis involves a teenage girl gaining the ability to magically travel to other worlds via a pendant she discovers. It is my first public publishing project and means a lot for me to be able to share a story with the world.



Dawnstar Banner 2014.

Dawnstar Banner 2014.

Dawnstar Visual Novel Game Project

A project I started when I was in University and starting to solidify after my graduation. Dawnstar follows the adventures of a freelancer and his handful of female sidekicks, traveling onboard their ship the Dawnstar in search of adventure. This visual novel would not have come this far thanks to efforts of faculty members, classmates and the talents of artists such as Hannah Clark (ihazart). Even a contribution is being made by musician Kenny Chow!



Endless Sky

A storybook project that I started this fall of 2015, me and two artists combine our talents to bring a childhood tale to life. Follow the path of Janus, his foster mother Elizabeth and their companions as they set out on a journey across the expanse of “endless sky” to answer questions about his origins.



Heather Blog Serial

A recent project I started near the beginning of 2016, I started writing a series of short stories on my blog following a leftover character I had from a currently-abandoned Horror VN game. Integrating her into the universe of Endless Sky worked out a bit and I just started writing. While most of the stories are horror-themed, some touch on other subjects such as regular adventure, mystery and fluff/friendship stuff.

I had the privilege of trying to make one of these blog serials into an audio drama, and plan to possibly do more in the future. You may see the result of that project here.


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