Need help with a project, or need something done that isn’t an art commission? I might be able to help. I offer a variety of different digital media services, ranging from book publishing to website work.

Please make sure to read over my Work Policy before ordering or reaching out.

Book Publishing

I do a variety of work in the book publishing field; from book layout and formatting, to cover design and uploading them to the appropriate platforms. I’ve been doing this sort of work for over five years, with three of them in a professional setting at a publishing company. I’ve self-published my own work at various outlets, and am well aware of the guidelines for the more popular ones (and if not, I know how to adapt the information to make it suitable). Things I can help you with include:


Reflowable eBook Formatting

This is one of my specialties, making your eBook compatible for a reflowable format such as iBooks or Kindle. I format by hand and don’t use any automated service, ensuring human eyes making sure that most problems that crop up are usually fixed. I also do HTML on certain version as needed to make sure they pass the EPUBCHECK process, which is required for marketplaces such as IngramSpark and iBooks.

  • $30 base, $0.75 per page


Print Book Formatting

I also do print book formatting, which is laying out for book file to be ready for print. I do both for independent publishing spaces and commercial printers. While I typically stick to text-heavy books such as novels, self-help and business books, I will take on projects such as children’s books, comics and other graphic oriented publications at a higher rate.

  • $30 base, $2.20 per page for simple layouts.
  • $30 base, $3 per page for advanced layouts.


Magazine/Brochure/Print Matter Layout

I have the appropriate skills to lay out publications such as information brochures, magazines and other advertisement material. This is billed at an hourly rate instead, and covers if you need help implementing graphics and other artwork/clipart into a finished work for the desired results.

  • $50 base, $3.50 a page.


eBook Conversion of Old Print Books

Want to bring your out-of-print book to the modern eBook market? Daunted with having to re-type thousands of words in by hand? I not only digitize the book text with OCR scanning, bit I’ll get you on the road with a standard, reflowable version ready for most online retailers. This is especially a great service for a book thats not been printed in over 20 years, especially books of the public domain variety!

  • $50 base price, $1.50 per page


Book Covers

I do a variety of book cover designs if needed, aiming for clean, simple design. I do both for eBook and print layout. Covers are Amazon Kindle compatible, and can be made compatible with the desired platform as needed.

  • $40 and up per eBook cover. $75 and up per full-spread, print-layout book.


WordPress Sites

If you’re on a budget, I’ll help you get a regular WordPress site up and running, without the thousands of dollars in cost. I can implement e-Commerce, themes, plugins and help with graphics and images as well. I specifically aim for those with lower budgets and new startups, and those who aren’t totally in the know of making their website. I help you with steps along the way, and consult with you to plan what may work for you.


Content Management

Whether as a follow up to helping you with a WordPress site, or to supplement a system already in place, I have the skills and the know-how to schedule and post content, whether it be weekly blogs, eye-catching blurbs on social media and so on. I have education in ethical business practices for positing content, along with the know-how on using tools to post content on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Blog Posts and Copywriting

With a college background in both creative and technical writing, I can help drum up informative blog posts, or site copywriting if you’re stumped on creating your own writing. I can write for a regular business setting to a conversational, easygoing tone depending on your needs.


Amazon KDP Tech Support

If for some reason you need detailed help over the phone or real-time calling for something such as uploading your book to Amazon, I’ll gladly give you support for such inquiries. I charge $20/hr for on-demand, technical support time such as phone conversations, Skype calls, etc.

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