Hello there! Saw something you like and wanted art for yourself or a friend? Wanted your own comic for your webpage? Lucky for you, I can help you out with that as I’m now open for commissions! Take a look at what I can help you out with.



These are simple, low-end doodles, usually with flat colors. Subject matter is also only limited to a few objects for people. I typically don’t draw full-body figures with this tier.

$5 for up to 3 objects/people

Webcomic/Webcomic Style:

This is the most common style I draw in, usually for online postings as it does’t take a lot of details or time to finish for an online post. This is the style I use in my webcomic episodes currently, hence its name.

In addition to taking normal commissions in this style, I also will draw webcomic episodes if you so desire. The price is fixed to includes text layout, speech bubbles and basic shading/highlighting, with a max of 2 characters in a panel and a basic background (I can obviously draw more content, which will make the price higher).

  • $15 per figure
  • $7 per additional figure
  • +$15+ per background (dependent on complexity)
  • +$10 Ambience

$15 per panel

$60 per page (6 panels)

Detailed Style:

This is a style that I currently am expanding in but don’t draw very often. But I put more detail into the pieces I put out. I often draw from observation with animals or objects, and add facial features, realistic body proportions and such on figures. I also take the time to do extra line cleanup as well. Unless otherwise requested, all pieces come with shading and highlighting.

  • $25 per figure
  • +$20 per background
  • +$15 per additional figure
  • +$15 Ambience

Blog Update Thumbs:

Currently unavailable

A collab between me and my art buddy Christina Hassan, this is the artwork I often use in social media or blog updates. With her providing a simple, less detailed sketch, I build up on that and give it some colors and details to stand out.

$12-$15 per panel

Creative Writing

Want a fiction piece for your blog, or a book ghostwritten? I’ll be more than happy to work on that for you. I’ve done some ghostwriting projects for people before, including a Minecraft eBook and work for a Reddit worldbuilding project. I have a college background in creative writing, speak English on a native level and have self-published some projects in the past.

Topics and genre I write include fantasy, science fiction, horror, young adult and adult fiction.

If you need help coming up with plots or story-brewing ideas for your work, I’ll be glad to help you with this at an additional rate which I can quote you on.

I only provide basic editing of proofreading and punctuation/grammar, which is included in my rate.

My rate: $0.06/word

Game Development:

With a full suite of GameMaker 1.4, I can make a variety of simple games to your needs, and even export to mobile if needed! Most of my games are of the simplistic 2D nature, and are often smaller projects. If you need help with graphics, sounds or music, I have connections to help you with those needs, too.

My rate: $250 and up for most projects.

Visual Novels:

With experience from developing Dawnstar, I’ll be glad to help those who are looking to develop a visual novel. I do simpler, smaller projects, but have a more-than-average understanding of the Ren’py engine. I can also help you piece something together if you’re looking to make a brand-new project; character art, music and even writing if needed.

My rate: $150 and up for most projects.

**Due to the nature of the requests I get with this service, all committed work is subject to a $100, non-refundable retainer.

Things I won’t do for commission:

  • Certain NSFW content
  • Political content
  • Certain Religious content

Payment and Delivery:

Delivery times vary with commissions on their complexity and my workload. Most artwork I do usually is turned around in 1-2 weeks, with writing projects taking 2 weeks or more depending on their length.

Payments can be made through PayPal or Freshbooks invoices. I charge 50% upfront on all commissions more than $5, with the remainder due upon delivery of the project.


Commissioned work is non-refundable, except in very few cases. Primarily, work that has not been processed and worked on is eligible to refund.


For most of my commissions, I usually give a free round of revisions to get something back straight if it’s not what someone needs. But if there’s something that starts to turn into a lot of going back and forth, I will charge for revisions, whether its a fixed-rate or by hour depending on project.