Vagabond Dreams – A Steampunk eBook


A summer ago, Kathryn met a quiet man and his eccentric airship crew. He was everything she could dream of; he was the just right build, polite and wanted her to tag along with things he did. The two grew attached and he promised to come get her, once his season’s work was over.

With spring well finished and the days getting longer, Kathryn has seen no sign of her heartthrob in any way, shape or form. Upon nosing around, she’s shocked to hear that the ship was lost to a mutiny, her lover pitched off the side in some unknown land.

Nobody wants to go save him, and her family is quite irked about her concern over this nobody. What was a village girl like her to do, especially with such a one-of-a-kind find? The impossible perhaps. Fully intent on rescuing her man one way or another, Kathryn leaves her home behind, finding help from one of the former crew, and a labor worker from a frontier town.

With her sidekicks in tow, the trio set off on a hunt for their boy of interest. One thing is sure; nobody’s getting in their way. He’s getting found and helped, one way or another.


During my first college years in the late 2000s, I had briefly gotten involved in fandom. While mostly it was the anime variety, I was introduced to the concept of cosplaying and whatnot. I also was introduced to the Steampunk genre, something I was aware of but didn’t know it had a following/name.

While I was headfirst into this, I cooked up an idea of a Steampunk story based on people around me at the time. One winter I managed to get a few of them to cosplay as characters even, which was real cool. Unfortunately as I was a less-than-stellar writer at the time (read as: writing was a chore as you parked yourself in front of a big CRT monitor, and your brain refused to work at 11PM), so this never went into fruition anywhere. My grand plan was to have something similar to GreenTea13’s steampunk group, which had a story backing and lore to go with it.

Time passed, people moved on. During a few years after I tried to hang onto the idea, eventually getting to about 2013-2014. I realized that if I ever wanted anything to even hit a “real” point, I’d have to just sit my behind down and write it. Thankfully I get some help to at least formulate a plot to follow, reinvent some of the characters and change to tone of the story (something more romance-themed than adventure).

A small montage of images of cosplays and artwork for this idea!

This project has always been on the backburner, and something I occasionally poke at when nothing else is going on. To be fair, I was still fairly new at “publishing something by myself”, and always felt I was too busy or inadequate to actually work on it.

I can say several years later, it’s high time to get this out there, and I’m confident in myself to release this on my own two feet.

Starting bar fights because you didn’t pay your tab? How dare you! Artwork courtesy Christina Weinman


This book will be distributed online via various distribution outlets. It will be available on Amazon KDP, and other retailers such as Barnes and Noble, iTunes, etc.


Just need to write the thing. I have it outlined, I have the cover, have the old artwork/images for inspiration. A nose to the grindstone is what it requires.

Release Date

I’m aiming for a release date of late summer/fall of 2021. This is not supposed to be a huge epic, so the writing is not as grand as my Michiko Bates project.