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This content is being hosted on janeilh.com as part of the Internet History Archival Project. We do not claim ownership of the content, own any rights to the content, and will remove it if requested by the original creator.

In 2004,  Chris “Crobato” Robato worked on a massive fanfiction set in the Homeworld universe. It was well over 100,000 words, and was hosted on the now defunct RelicNews forum; a hotspot for all Homeworld fans in those days.

Due to Gearbox taking over and now owning the license, RelicNews shut down the forums sometime in 2015-2016. A trove of information, fanart and even fanfiction was lost, as many people thought that they’re content would stay hosted forever in said forums. Many of these contributors have gone the way of the dinosaur, and/or don’t even own source copies of their work anymore. On top of that, many pages have been lost or are incomplete to the Internet Wayback Machine, making complete retrieval near impossible.

In an attempt to contribute to the Homeworld community, preserve Internet history and preserve these people’s hard work, this piece of content will be hosted, organized and indexed on this site. They also will be backdated appropriately to when they were posted, to ensure the best of historical accuracy.

As additional proof to mitigate any permission issues that may arise, Crobato issued the following statement regarding this particular work after he had completed it on the Relicnews forum.

February 25, 2005 – 8:34PM

You are also welcome to spread freely distribute the work to other forums or post them in your website so long as you must maintain the proper attribution and credit to the author (me). You can make textual corrections only for typographical and grammatic errors. I kind of did this in a rush without much rewriting and reexamination.


Soul of the Progenitors is broken up into 26 acts over approximately 118,000 words, and a mini-index has been created below. You can float from chapter to chapter while reading, or reference this page if you need to get to a specific point in the story.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy the story.

Act 01 | Act 02 | Act 03 | Act 04 | Act 05
Act 06 | Act 07 | Act 08 | Act 09 | Act 10
Act 11 | Act 12 | Act 13 | Act 14 | Act 15
Act 16 | Act 17 | Act 18 | Act 19 | Act 20
Act 21 | Act 22 | Act 23 | Act 24 | Act 25
Act 26

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