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Soul of the Progenitors

A Homeworld Fanfiction

by Crobato

Originally posted December 15, 2004 – 8:53PM

Act 19

It is I, your Prophet, that spoke of this, and you, my children, must remember.

On the last day of Tribulation, in the height of the heavens, I saw a might host of angels, their robes gleaming in white, singing praises to the Lord. The Arch Angel in her radiance, walked out from the host, and she opened a scroll. And from it she called forth the words to break upon the Seal to awaken the Last Angel who had been trapped in the bowels of the earth over tens of thousands of years. The Last Angel will be given the power to awaken all the Saints who had lived among us but could never enter the Gate of Heaven, and the host of the Betrayers that had opposed them. The Saints rejoiced in their awakening, and sang praises to the Lord, but not the Betrayers, whose hearts remained unrepentent with sin.

As the Betrayers blasphemed the Lord, from their curses came forth the Destroyers, who infested the skies in so great a number that the skies darkened. The stars will fall from the skies, the ground will break open and Hell will come forth. The suns and moons will turn red with blood. Cities and temples will be destroyed under the storm of fire, and no living creature with breath will be spared. Women will wail as their fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons die in front of their eyes, and their unborn will never wish their birth. I saw the face of the Destroyers, the body of a beast with five arms, and through it I saw the Eye of Death. I fell to my knees and called upon the Last Angel to spare me of this suffering.

“The Holy and the Unholy will be judged,” the Last Angel called. “I will gather them all in the place called Karnak, whose name means everlasting, under the gaze of the Gate of Heaven from where all we came from, and to where we all shall return. Our Glory will be witnessed. So shall it be for this is the word of the Lord.”

—Chapter 35, Paragraphs 15 to 18, from the Book of Maegan, also known as the Visions of the Prophet Maegan. The book is compiled from inscriptions carved upon the walls and columns of an ancient temple in the desert planet Agadh, third planet of the Harados System in the Kalkuth Sector. Carbon dating has indicated that the temple is at least several thousands of years old. The Prophet Maegan is considered the founder of the oldest and largest religion in Agadh, called Maeganism. Considered a religion with a highly apocalyptic bent, it has since split into different sects, often marked with sectarian style violence. The splits resulted from differing opinions in the interpretations of his writings. When an ancient stargate was discovered within the system, it was named the Gate of Karnak after the Gate in the Book of Maegan.

Aboard the Sajuuk, the Gate of Karnak, Harados System, Kalkuth Sector

Karan watched the screens of the fleets in her eyes, though she had long known of the fleets from her connections with the ship’s sensors. There was at least a few hundred of the ships, all coming from different parts of the Galaxy, some from Hiigara, and some from the Vaygr.

Karan’s fleet, with the Sajuuk at its lead, the Kharak-kor Dreadnaught as the second, with the Pride of Hiigara as the third tier, had arrived on the Harados system early, despite stop overs where the fleet managed to resource. A support and escort fleet of Hiigaran capital and strike followed the Pride of Hiigara, servicing as the rear guard. During the short intervals when Karan’s fleet could resource, they had taken pains to build up forces of strike ships, frigates, carriers, and destroyers in anticipation of a major conflict. Doing so, they had concentrated the majority of resources into construction. For Karan to see the Pride of Hiigara mothership once again churning out ships, brought out precious memories of the same ship mass producing against the Vaygr threat not to long ago, and memories of the old, original Mothership from Kharak, so long ago and distant, and yet the smells, sights and sounds of that ship still seemed to remain with her, fresh with every second.

Word has that a major Hiigaran battle group, comprising of several Task Forces, were already on its way to rendezvous on Karan S’jet’s orders.

“We could arrest every Hiigaran out there in that fleet for deserting their post,” Admiral Serim suggested.

“I’m also sure that Vaygr and the Taiidan would also want their own who had joined that fleet,” Karan said. “But somehow, I don’t think it is appropriate at this very moment. I certainly don’t think it was what Sajuuk wanted.”

“There was one time, our own people left Kharak, to seek a future from a past we cannot go back. These people you see now, in these mottled collection of ships, are living in a journey like what we used to be—to answer a call of destiny that cannot be denied.”

The communications officer had turn on the com channels to intercept communications among the deserter ships. What they heard was singing.

“What is that?” Admiral Serim asked.

“Hymns, praising to what they believed in,” Karan said. “To what Sajuuk believed. If Sajuuk was here now, he would be proud.” From a corner of her eye, she could see the hooded figure with the ashen beige robes, watching from the windows to the stars, to the direction where the fleet of deserters sat in a great host under the Gate of Karnak. It was a ghost that no one else could see, but her.


The words brought her out of a daydream. “Yes, Admiral.”

“The 49th Somtaaw Task force with the Kun-Laan II is also on its way to rendezvous with us in the system.”

“Thank you, Admiral. And the information they sent?”

“I will brief our strike forces personally, Sajuuk-Khar. If I may ask a favor, parting words from you would lift the spirits of our pilots. They have heard the tragedies and atrocities of the Planet Killers, as they transverse through Hiigaran territory towards this direction. They have heard the terrible capabilities of these ships, and they know they await certain death in their mission against them.”

“I will do so, Admiral. I will be most honored.”

“Also Sajuuk-Khar, Captain Toulan also sent more information about the great Progenitor fleet that originated from the Tarim Sector. According to them, this Progenitor fleet had successfully rendezvoused with the Progenitor fleet from the Karos graveyard, and two other Progenitor fleets whose graveyards we have yet to discover. According to his words, Toulan had never seen anything like this, his Task force dwarfed to what is coming to this system.”

“This is getting complicated.” Karan said. “What is the situation with the Vaygr?”

“A large combined battlegroup comprised of ships from several Crusades has left Vaygr Reaches space. According to our Intelligence, the fleet itself is led by no other than the Vaygr-Khar himself, Taklan. Listening posts have indicated that the fleet has gone past neutral territory and will be entering Hiigaran space. Their projected path however indicates they are not headed to the Homeworld sector, but rather to this sector instead.”

“That provides some relief to us to know they won’t be attacking Hiigara anytime soon.” Karan said. “We would be defenseless, with this fleet tied here, and our main fleet headed to this direction. But I believed that the Vaygr is as confused as we are with the whole situation, and they themselves have stretched too much of their resources to risk another all out war with us. I believe that the Vaygr are in pursuit of either the Planet Killers or the Ark, and maybe both. And we need to know their clear intentions before we declare them friend or foe. Has there been any attempt to communicate with their fleet?”

“We have made some attempts yes, but the Vaygr has refused to answer our hails, Sajuuk-Khar. Tactically, they may be trying to run silent, to minimize detection from our own sensors and being overheard by our listening posts.”

“The Vaygr is known for their speed and stealth. But we do not need another foe at this moment, Admiral. We need another ally. But even with the Vaygr, I still wonder even combined, if we can beat the Planet Killers. What is the status of their fleet?”

“According to our recon units, we have confirmed four T-MAT fleets originating from uncharted regions claimed by the Vaygr Reaches. Of these fleets, T-MAT Fleet 2 is notable for its large size. All four fleets have entered Hiigaran Dominion space and has caused considerable destruction along their way. We are fortunate to have evacuated two other populated outposts along their way which were eventually destroyed by them.”

“Since then, Fleet 1, 3 and 4, has rendezvoused with Fleet 2, creating a single large assault force.”

“How large?”

“We still do not know, Sajuuk-Khar, but we could be facing several dozens of these T-MAT motherships. In addition, new data acquired has revealed two more new types, including a type manufactures small attack drones that serve as fighters and corvettes, while another generates frigate and destroyer sized platforms.”

Karan sighed. Admiral Serim rarely heard the Sajuu-Khar sighed, and when she did, it usually was not good news. “I am studying your data now, Admiral. It was sent through Captain Toulan from the crew in the Ark of Geddon. The information corresponds to what the Progenitors know of their enemy.”

“That is correct, Sajuuk-Khar.”

“Admiral. The presence of enemy drones and frigates will not make the task of our pilots any easier.”

“That is also correct, Sajuuk-Khar. That is why I need you to speak to our pilots.”

“Very well, Admiral, as I have said before, you will have this wish. It will be an honor. And also I must ask you, what is the situation on the home front, in our homeworld.”

“To be honest with you, Sajuuk-Khar, the various apocalyptic sects in Hiigara and those scattered in our dominion are having a field time of this. This is causing a lot of civil unrest and dissatisfaction. The tension could easily break into panic and chaos. There is great trepidation about the return of the Planet Killers, and many believe that it will only be a matter of time they will attack a populated planet.”

“That is why we are faced with a must win situation here, Admiral.” She spoke calmly. “Make the preparations.”

As the Admiral left, Karan turned her eyes on the main monitor screen, which displayed the Gate of Karnak as seen through one of the telescopic camera drones. The artifact was as vast and mysterious as anything she had seen from Karos, or anything left by the Progenitors. There was a slow movement in the Gate itself, like a giant clock ticking, controlled and powered by forces she still could not comprehend, while the Gate itself, was a generator of forces that now seem to be spinning out of control, all drawn to this circular object like the center of a vortex. I stared upon the face of the Heavens, so close I touch upon it with my hand..


Karan sensed the hyperspace signatures appearing even before the klaxons rang and the officers manning their sensors could make their announcement. She had remained interfaced with the sensors on the Sajuuk, even if the interface was imperfect due to their gaps in understanding Progenitor technology. But a datalink was made between the Sajuuk, the Kharak-kor Dreadnaught, and the Pride of Hiigara, so she could sense space through the sensors of all ships like they were a single entity. The Pride of Hiigara itself was linked to a series of probes that she had manufactured and launched, providing a wide radius of detection.

The officer ran towards her, with Admiral Serim just right behind.

“Sajuuk-khar—“. He uttered as he bowed in a nearly ninety degree of his body. .

“Yes, I know,” she replied. “The signatures are Vaygr. The numbers of signatures correspond to a major battlegroup and they surround us from all directions. Go into red alert, and launch all strike forces. But do not attack unless I give the signal.”

Admiral Serim bowed. “Yes, Sajuuk-Khar.”

“Admiral, you realize they greatly outnumber us, even with two dreadnaughts and a Mothership. They have at least one Mothership, and four Shipyards, with at least more than a dozen Battlecruisers and Carriers of the same number. Their destroyers, frigates and strike forces also outnumber us four to one. We only have one Battlecruiser, one Shipyard, and one Carrier in our current support fleet until the rest of our fleet would arrive.”

“I know, Sajuuk-Khar.”

“You realize that the Vaygr had been able to move through our own dominion space with an astonishing rate of speed and stealth, and was able to do this well ahead of our forces.”

“Yes, Sajuuk-Khar. I deeply apologize. This is my responsibility, and my incompetence.”

The office came back and bowed. “Sajuuk-Khar, the Vaygr-Khar himself is in the com channel.”

Karan smiled. “I know. I will put on the link to the main speakers so you can all hear.”

The screens sizzled with static, and the grainy image of the Vaygr-Khar’s face appeared on the screen. She had seen images of the new Vaygr-Khar before, supplied from the databases of Hiigaran Intelligence, but this was the first time she saw Taklan live.

“So, Vaygr-Khar, what brings you to these parts?” Karan asked snidely.

“You can stand down, Karan, I’m not here to destroy you and your fleet. If I did, that would already have been done. However I have to say, the thought would have been tempting, especially with the opportunity. I do admit, that I have taken immense pleasure to see your fleet panic at the very sight of us. We are Vaygr, Karan, and we are as swift as the cosmic winds.”

“I think you know why I am here, Karan. The stories that the Shivakan has swept through the Vaygr Reaches leaving a trail of destruction is not a secret, nor is it a secret that the Shivakan has entered Hiigaran dominion space, and is wreaking havoc as they proceed to this very system. I come here because I believe we now have a common enemy, and I think you also know this, Karan, and that you and I have shared the thoughts of pulling our forces together. If we fail on this, what has been unleashed will be unleashed upon our populated worlds and against more of our ships and outposts. The legends of the Shivakan in our people have spoken of entire worlds destroyed, and it can happen again.”

“Your bluntness and directness is refreshing, Vaygr-Khar,” Karan replied with a curl in her lip.

“I do so because I have little patience for negotiation and the verbose text and language politicans engage in. I am first and foremost, a warrior, Karan. I respect strength and directness, and I have little time to waste. We do not have time to waste, Karan.”

“I understand that, Vaygr-Khar.”

“Then, permission to come onboard the Sajuuk, Karan? Or do you prefer to come to my ship, but then I understand that you are Unbound, which means paradoxically you are tied to your ship.”

“Though your request is bold, and many in our race still remembers the grief your people has caused on ours, I will grant permission, Vaygr-Khar. We will be honored and I will personally guarantee your safety.”

Admiral Serim deeply frowned his disapproval, but Karan raised her hand to indicate she will not approve of any objection against her judgement.

Taklan slightly bowed his head in approval. “We do not achieve success without being bold, Karan, and of all peoples you should know that. I have some people I want to come along with me, Karan. They are some of the respected clergy of the Faiths we the Vaygr believe in. As you may well know, our two peoples have shared many similar faiths, much more so than the Taiidan and the Turanics, for instance. We believed in the existence of Sajuuk for example, and in the existence of an ancient elder race, the ones we call the Ancients and which you call the Progenitors. To come to the vessel of Sajuuk would be an honor, Karan, despite the recent history with Makaan.”

“The one difference between the faiths of our peoples, Vaygr-Khar, is that we do not worship a race of gods who believe and exercise wanton destruction in pursuit of the ultimate prize of domination.”

“This race is the issue I wish to talk to you about, Karan.”

“Then we shall look forward to your arrival, Vaygr-Khar.”


Her attendants had dressed her in silver and platinum robes that draped over her still youthful figure. It does not appear to be comfortable fashion but it will do. In addition, a crown was placed over her head. While she did not think of herself as some sort of royalty to wear such, the crown actually has a functional purpose. It was meant to distract people away from the connections to the back of her head, and served to cover part of it.

“How do I look?” Karan asked the attendant.

“You are fit to appear for a king,” the attendant answered as she adjusted the crown to further reduce sight of the unseemly cables on the back of Karan’s head.

“I mean, do I still scare people?” Karan asked. “I have always taught that I look like a monster to many.”

“You have always been beautiful as a woman, Sajuuk-Khar, regardless of the interfaces your body and brain is connected.” The assistant adjusted Karan’s robes with some delicate touches of fine tuning. “There.”

“This is the first time, both Hiigara and the Vaygr will seriously meet in person, in the discussion table.” Karan spoke as she studied her reflection on a mirror. “Previously we have only agreed to an uneasy truce, with the discussion done in the subspace channels. Through a common ground, we have a serious opportunity here for a formal peace between our two peoples.”

“That I agree.” The assistant nodded. She then smiled as she finished her fine tuning. “I think you are ready now, Sajuuk-Khar. You look splendid.”

Karan took a deep breath, and walked out from her quarters to the meeting room. Taklan was a tall bearded man with deep brooding eyes. He wore silk and satin robes of purple, gold and red. There was a slight sense of tension in the way he stood, understandable as he was in foreign, and in paper, hostile territory. But she respected his directness boldness and courage, to reach right to the bottom of the problem without any hesitation and without any fear.

Taklan bent his head slightly, for a respectful bow, and Karan did an identical jesture. As equals, she was aware that her head should not be higher or lower than Taklan’s, and Taklan appeared aware of the same custom.

“It is a great honor to be in the very ship of Sajuuk himself,” Taklan said. “I am truly in awe, and I can understand why Makaan fought for it. But he lost and you have earned to right to keep this as the spoils of victor.”

“That is the past, and this is the present,” Taklan reminded her. “And I believe we have an issue to discuss? And by the way, Karan, I brought me with me three people, each representing the head clergy of a major religious denomination of our people. This is Imam Maljir of the Sahayeen faith; Imam Pakhar of the Mahaod faith; and Imam Kaljik of the Jiharai faith.”

Karan acknowledged the presence of the Imams with a slight tilt of her head. The Imams acknowledged with an equal tilt of their heads. “Yes, Vaygr-Khar, indeed we have an issue. How much do you know of this race of Planet Killers?”

“The Shivakan had been like gods to the Vaygr people,” Taklan said. “For a long time, they were part of our myths and culture. We regarded them like spirits, patron saints or guardian angels, that watched over us in our journeys and battles. They are to whom we prayed for.”

“Until Makaan discovered them, and our gods became real. The Shivakan gave Makaan power, and through him, the power to unite all our tribes into one nation. And through Makaan, the Shivakan gave us technology that we could use as an edge to smite our enemies, even as we absorbed the technology of our enemy into our own. We were nothing, but a divided race of struggling nomads, living hand to hand among the stars, until they came.”

“They transformed us into a great nation that almost conquered this galaxy. But now, after the bloodshed, we have seen what they truly are. We have been deceived and used. They have struck against our people. What we have come to conclude is not without great soul searching, but we have gone back to our original scriptures in search of the truth, through the teachings and wisdom of Sajuuk. We now believe that the gods that we had worshiped were the enemy of Sajuuk. If left unchecked, they will wreak their havoc upon every living soul.”

“The leaders of the three sects I brought you here, have been greatly involved in the extraction of relics related to the Shivakan. They are also the caretakers of our ancient books and scriptures that preserve our history and all knowledge to the beginnings of antiquity. ” Taklan said. “They will share with you what we have learned, and likewise I respect that you will live up to your agreement, Karan, to share what you know specifically about the Shivakan.”


Aboard the Pride of Hiigara, the Gate of Karnak, Harados System, Kalkuth Sector

The pride of the pilots assembled in the hanger, in rows and columns. Each line of three or four denoted a flight, and each group of four lines represented a squadron. They were in their cleanest uniforms, with a unit patch on their left arms, and under the right arm, they carried their helmets. On the back of the rows of pilots, lay rows of bombers, interceptors, scouts and corvettes, abuzz with mechanics and robots.

The hall doors opened, and an angered hush fell upon the crowd. “What is this?” One anonymous pilot cried. “Why do you bring this filth upon our presence?”

Admiral Serim raised his hands to calm the crowd of pilots, who mumbled and whispered among each other. He was accompanied by four men in black capes, with the insignia of blood red upon their arms and chests. The patch in their left arms marked a “V”.

“Silence!” Admiral Serim ordered. “This is the will of the Sajuuk-Khar herself! Her will will not be questioned. The men I brought me are Vaygr. commanders of the 14th Assault Squadron, the 45th Lance Squadron, the 88th Bomber Squadron and the 104th Missile Corvette Squadron. They are here as allies against our impending enemy. We have shared information about our new foes, and we are going to brief you on the results of our combined study and present a battleplan.”

“Our Intelligence have assigned this race as Pee Three. Call them Planet Killers or the Shivakan, as the Vaygr called them, but from hence worth, for the sake of our purposes, we will simply code them as P3.”

“We know enough of Pee Three that they originated in Vaygr controlled space. Not originated per se, but awakened after thousands of years of dormant sleep. They retreated long ago to the Eastern Fringes from the collapse of their own civilizations long ago, from a great war with the other Progenitor races.”

“Now they have returned to settle some unresolved issues. In the meantime they have stepped on anyone along their way, Vaygr and Hiigaran included. We have come to the conclusion that the P3 now view both of our races as nothing more than pestilence that needs to be eradicated, so they could grew their own superior, but obedient races.”

There was mumbling in the crowd, but Admiral Serim raised his hand to command strict silence.

“And we simply want to stop those plans.”

“And now.” Serim took a stick as helpers put up a large display, which turned on. Serim then discussed about the picture on the display, which was about a massive ship with five arms.

“Hiigaran Intelligence has classified them as T-MAT or Tactical Mothership Assault Type. That’s right. As you remember in the Battle of Hiigara, as some of you are veterans of that battle, you know them to be as mothership huge. But we have only seen just one of them overr the skies of Hiigara. It turns out they were many, and since they do represent an entire race, to no surprise, it turns out they have a comprehensive variety of ships to justify a well rounded battle fleet. We will discuss the major types, but be assured they have their own strike craft and supporting frigate sized vessels as we have discovered. That will not make your job easier, pilots.”

“The type you saw in Hiigara as been designated T-MAT 1 or Tee One. Its speciality is to produce cruise missiles containing some manner of WMD, including nuclear and fiery atmospheric deprivation. T-MAT 2 or Tee Two, as it turns out is a variation, as do all of them. T-MAT 2, instead of a cruise missile launcher, is fitted with a Siege Cannon. That’s right, it turns out that those things have a Progenitor origin. Tee Three or T-MAT 3 is another nasty beast with multiple large Ion beam cannons designed to decimate capital ships. T-MAT 4 or Tee Four, as we discovered, manufactures a type of fighter drone and could control a vast network of them. Think of it like the old Hive Frigate in mothership scale. The drones have been designated as T-AD, or Tactical Attack Drone. Each T-AD is corvette sized, and they represent P3’s equivalent to the Movers. As you could see from the illustration, they’re like the Mover with two arms. Tee Five or T-MAT 5 is actually a shipyard that manufactures frigate and destroyer classed vessels. These vessels are classed as T-ASF for Tactical Anti Strike Frigate, and T-ACD, for Tactical Anti Capital ship Destroyer. The first is similar to our Assault and Flak Frigates, while other is the equivalent of the Keeper destroyers. Each Tee Five vessel controls its own network of these ships.” Serim pointed to a symmetrically three armed vessel as the ASF and to a symmetrically four armed as the ACD.

A hand rose from the crowd. Admiral Serim addressed the curious pilot. “What about the Sajuuk and the Dreadnaught? They can stand a chance to fight these creatures, can they? I mean, the Sajuuk did defeat three of the T-MATs over the skies of Hiigara, right?”

“That is true, but we have concluded, we were only lucky. While indeed the Sajuuk was designed by the Progenitors to fight these vessels, the T-MATs were dispersed and thus, easier to destroy. They also represent the first Type which do not have adequate capital ship defense. Not so with T-MAT 2 and T-MAT 3. T-MAT 2 has the potential to blow entire fleets and starbases with a Siege Cannon that will recharges at rates several times faster the old Kun-Laan ever did. T-MAT 3 is an anti capital ship vessel equipped with multiple large ion beam cannons that can surely shred even the largest Dreadnaughts, much less a Battlecruiser.”

“We had previously considered that if we used fast strike ships, we could get in there and target specific weaknesses among these ships. We have identified the weaknesses as the sensor arrays, the communication arrays, network nodes inside the ship close to the skin that serve as the central nervous system of the ship, and power junction connections in the arms. The arms are used as power generators for zero point energy extraction, and the power is transmitted along length of the arm through critical joint junctions. We need to hit those junctions, folks, in order to keep the weapons from powering.”

“We can also target the weapons themselves directly, like the siege cannon in the center of the T-MAT 2.”

“Since the discovery of T-MAT 4 and 5, the AD’s, ASF’s and ACD’s, we have now anticipated that the strike craft roles will be much harder—and deadlier. We are naive to think that the T-MATs are not going to come up with their own anti strike ship defense, when in fact, we should have logically anticipated such. We, with the help of the Vaygr strike forces, will simply have to fight through them, to get to the other T-MAT types.”

“Finally, even though our Intelligence sources are able to gather much information about the T-MATs and their internal structures, thanks to the efforts of certain quarters of the Somtaaw, they failed to anticipate the discovery of a still yet another T-MAT type.”

“It is only with the help of the Vaygr, that this type been revealed.” Admiral Serim changed the image, to a new five armed mothership whose design was different and sizably bigger than the rest.

“We call it T-MAT Zero, or Tee Zero. The Vaygr called this ship, the Tartarus. They also called it the Mothership of Hell. I do not want to know why that is, but looking at this image, I guess it’s pretty obvious. Suffice to say, we could assume that Tee Zero might have the same weaknesses as the other T-MATs, but according to Vaygr lore, the ship was invincible, even to the Progenitors. It is believed by our analysts now that Tee Zero was the decisive factor that ultimately defeated the Progenitors fighting against Pee Three. Tee Zero serves no doubt as the flagship, and has been spotted with T-MAT Fleet Two, which has become the main T-MAT fleet heading to this system.”

“Currently both Hiigaran and Vaygr scientists and engineers are analyzing Tee Zero from all available data, and hopefully we will come up with a plausible plan to defeat this monster. By that time, we can expect the main Hiigaran fleet to reinforce our positions.”

“In the meantime, our engineers and their Vaygr counterparts have created a new series of flight simulator programs, which you must all train in your available spare time, little as it may, to practice your tactics and runs. All T-MAT types have been programmed into the simulators, along with the AD, ASF and ACD types. Interceptor and Assault Craft squadrons will provide cover against AD types, while Corvettes and Lance Fighters will engage ASF and ACD types. This will provide cover for the Strike Bombers and Missile Corvettes to engage the Motherships directly. Frigates and Destroyers will provide additional firepower in removing these defenses.”

“The simulators on this ship will be linked to the simulators on our Carriers and in all of the Vaygr Carriers, Shipyards and Mothership. This will enable cooperative training between our flight wings and theirs.”

“I know how much all of you feel about the Vaygr, and I have no doubt that the Vaygr feel this same way about you too. But this is the time we have to put all our history aside, or we will indeed be nothing more than history.”

Admiral Serim snapped a proud salute. “Dismissed.”

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