Soul of the Progenitors – Act 22

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Soul of the Progenitors

A Homeworld Fanfiction

by Crobato

Originally posted January 22, 2005 – 12:34AM

Act 22

Aboard the Vaygr Mothership Batu

The bleeps and the purple circles came hard as a surprise on the tactical display screens.

Taklan staggered and shouted. “Status!”

“We have multiple jump signatures above and below our position!” Agripas shouted.

“What!” Taklan exclaimed. “Are we not already engaging their main center fleet ahead of us? Isn’t our carrier strike forces hitting their rear guard?”

“By our calculations we are supposed to be engaging both their central and rear guard fleet positions. I thought based on our own and the Hiigaran intelligence we should have accounted for all their mothership and capital ship class vessels already.” Agripas said.

“Obviously that is not the case, Captain. We have failed to make a full account of their reserves and the potential size of their main fleet. Now they are upon us.” Taklan said. “Prepare to withdraw attack against the P3 fleet center and engage the enemy fleet above from our vertical axis. If we defeat them fast enough, we will have time to engage the lower fleet. Put the reserves to cover our lower flank. Get me Karan S’Jet on the comlink.”

Agripas responded. “Right away, Vaygr-Khar!”

Taklan stood up as Karan’s face appeared in the communication display panel. Her own face contorted against hearing the news of the P3 surprise attack. “We are disengaging attack against the center fleet and forced to attack the upper fleet. Otherwise we would be vulnerable in the upper flank. We will divert our reserves to cover against the lower flank.

“Roger,” Karan responded. “The Hiigaran fleet will press on against the center forces.” She understood quickly Taklan’s position.

And Taklan understood her position as well. If the Hiigaran fleet failed to press on against the center, the P3 center forces will turn rear ward against the carrier strike forces that has engaged them the rear. The P3 center forces were supposed to be caught in this sandwich and crushed. But with the unexpected new development, the Vaygr has to drop out to engage the new P3 pincer forces or both the Vaygr and the Hiigaran forces will be caught in the trap.

But now, only the Vaygr will be caught in the trap.

Taklan watched the screen legends representing the jumped P3 pincer forces. Taklan knew that even with the combined Crusade and Taiidan forces that made up his fleet, he could not stop them, not with the kill ratios they were generating against the P3.

“All Capital ships! Go into a spearhead formation around the Batu!” Taklan ordered. “Prepare to fire against the nearest mothership target.”

The Batu’s screens got a lock on against a massive mothership sized target, isolating every possible weak spot. Taklan gulped at the size of the thing. He had seen these ships up close back in the ancient sites, and he had been inside them. But he never saw them alive like this, rows of flashing lights across their dark bodies, threatening with hostile intentions. Back when in the ancient sites, he wondered how others would have come to fight against such motherships, and never dreamed, never wanted, never ever foreseen in his worst nightmares that one day he will come face to face in fighting one.

But this was the day, and this was the minute. He will not fear. The Vaygr will not fear. Our Gods—our other Gods—will still watch over us.

“Transmit targeting data from our fire control towers to all capital ships and frigates. Open fire at will.” Taklan ordered.

Beams and the bright streaks of kinetic shell fire shot out from the formation and into the lead T-MAT ship. By concentrating fire against specific sections, the shields and the regenerative armor of the target ship was overloaded, and the fire broke through. The mothership crumbled in sections where it was fired at, followed by five brilliant flashes and shockwaves where the surviving pieces detonated.

Taklan shook his fist in triumph, but he could only savor his victory from one moment. A rain of ion beam fire, missiles and mass drivers shot out from the T-MAT fleet and immediately the Batu shook. Taklan could hear the loud smashing of the kinetic drivers mashing through the Batu’s immense hull, followed by the smell of ozone as ion beams burn through the hull.

“Get the Collectors out and start repairing this ship.” Taklan ordered. Flights of Resource Collectors swarmed out of the docks and started attaching themselves on the hull of the Batu, welding and sealing the wounds on the skin.

Outside of the ship, the T-MATs have unleashed a swarm of drones upon the Vaygr fleet, and the Vaygr only has defensive fighter screen to counter the drones. Taklan watched the multple bleeps on screen descending upon his fleet like a mass of flying predators. “Point defense systems!” He ordered, and the Batus’ guns lanced out against the attackers. Soon every ship in the fleet was throwing out a hailstorm.

A drone trying a strafing pass at the Batu was intercepted then obliterated by the mass drivers of an Assault Craft, and a Lance Fighter put a quick end on another drone as well. But a wounded drone managed to crash along the Batu’s side.

“Drop Missile and Gun platforms!” Taklan ordered in response to the drone attack. As rows of Platforms fell out from the Batu. Missiles and gunfire quickly sought their targets, bringing a wall of defensive fire against the attacking drones, felling several of the robotic creatures.

Taklan watched the next mothership targets being locked by the fire control towers and the data being transmitted to the Capital ships. “Can we use the Siege Cannon?” He asked of Agripas.

Agripas replied. “Negative. Our power levels are too level. We are diverting all our power reserves to our point defense systems.”

The Batu shuddered as ion beams impacted against the hull. Sparks shot out of the panels and a beam loosened, fell across the bridge. Taklan was among that fell under its impact, and he quickly raised himself up to his feet, defiant against the enemy, but a thin line of blood oozed from his forehead. He rushed to wipe the blood off; always he must maintain a front of strength.

“Are you all right?” Agripas shouted as he bent over to help Taklan.

“I am fine. Just a small nick.” Taklan answerered.

Agripas reported. “We have lost our rear guard. The lower T-MAT fleet is closing in. We are surrounded.”

“Then we must drive on,” came Taklan’s answer as he wiped the blood off his wound once more. “Keep targeting the enemy. We will fight down to the last man, and all of Vaygr will sing of this event for generations to come.” He gazed at the screen as the bow of the Batu headed defiantly against the stream of fire from the enemy fleet. A defiant Vaygr Battlecruiser within the formation crumbled the withering fire, but not before a T-MAT capital ship blew up under its Trinity Cannons.

Agripas saluted. “Vaygr-Khar. I am afraid I must disobey your order and request that you must evacuate this ship at once.”

Taklan staggered, staring at the sad eyes of Agripas. “How dare you Captain? That you disobey me at our moment of glory.”

“I am sorry Vaygr-Khar. Our people need you alive. I am sworn to protect you most of all. The Batu is wounded, and it will fall. Should you persist, I will order the guards to personally remove you and put you in the escape frigate.” Agripas stood at attention, his eyes failing to meet his lord’s.

Taklan’s defiance against Agripas was only for show. “Very well.” He answered and laid his hand on Agripas’ shoulder. “It has been an honor to be your lord.”

“And it has been an honor to serve under you, our Vaygr-Khar.” Agripas replied, bowing.

“My friend,” Taklan motioned Agripas to stand. “May the gods watch over you.” Then he turned to the rest of the bridge. “It has been an honor to be your lord. Heroes of Vaygr, all of you.”

The bridge crew applauded and shouted cries of victory and defiance against the enemy. Taklan was elated at their spirit. It would have been a glorious death to join them, but Agripas was right, the Vaygr-Khar had to survive for the Vaygr people. He wiped a tear as he quickly marched off the bridge, led by the two guards. Before he left, he heard one snappy salute from Agripas. “Take care my friend,” Taklan whispered but he doubt Agripas would have heard it. The whisper was more as a prayer to the gods.

“Protect the Vaygr-Khar at all cost,” Agripas ordered as Taklan walked away. “Long live the Vaygr-Khar, glory to the Vaygr!” Taklan knew that would be the last words he would hear from Agripas.

A Heavy Missile Frigate was waiting in the hanger and so was a flight of Assault Craft. Quickly, he entered into the Frigate and launched, the Assault Craft forming a diamond around it. From the outside, he staggered at the sight of the damage his great flagship had taken. Large black holes poked at its sides, where ugly beams protruded and fire and smoke emanated from those wounds. Dozens of Collectors, attached like limpets on its hull, attempt the vain but desperate task to repair the wounded ship. And they do so fearlessly even without defensive systems, as the attacking drones would pick them away one by one.

His lovely ship, in its death throes. But she will go away gallantly not without a fight. Her point defense systems filled the space with strafing fire, destroying one drone after another. The capital ships around her continue to destroy one T-MAT ship after another, even as one by one, each ship in the line would fall, until no one will be left standing.

The P3 themselves come in all shapes and sizes, many of them designs he never seen in the ancient recovery sites. The smaller capital ships, destroyers and frigs, all in forms symmetrical, could have been manufactured by the motherships. So many things they didn’t know about this ancient race, and now that may cost the Vaygr the battle.

A four armed ship, the size of a frigate, stood along their path and fired its cannons. The Assault Craft dived onto it in formation, raking it with their automatic cannons, while the Heavy Missile Frigate fired missile after missile against it, and the enemy frigate-drone erupted in a brilliant flash. The Heavy Missile Frigate was damaged, but the crew was doing emergency repairs.

“Where are we headed?” Taklan asked the captain of the frigate.

“The Shipyard Ourlikos,” he said. Taklan remembered this as one of the Shipyards of the Shining Crusade.

“Good, we will set up our new flagship there.” Taklan said.

The engines shuddered, as the captain ordered full speed ahead. An Assault Frigate and a Mobil Refinery settled on its flanks, providing covering fire against other attacking drones.

Taklan kept his watch on the Batu, praying for it silently. The fire and smoke from the ship’s wounds were unstoppable, and watching the constant barrage of fire against her, he knew the Batu would not last. He sensed the inevitable as the lifepods ejected from the ship, and the Collectors disengaged from the hull to save themselves. Other ships swarmed out of its docks carrying survivors. He wished Agripas would abandon the ship, but he knew, that captain would not.

Four brilliant flashes erupted from the Batu’s hull, the last the brightest, and no doubt the reactors just went to hell. Pieces of ship went out in all directions as the shockwave followed.

“Agripas!” Taklan uttered. Taklan struggled to hold his feelings, the tearing in his eyes, but he was the Vaygr-Khar, and he must always appear strong.

The captain of the frigate looked around, but Taklan gave his order. “Maintain course, Captain. Maintain it at full speed.” Taklan made a silent and mournful salute in front of the screens.

Command of the formation fell to the next Battlecruiser in line, most probably the Kurlass of the Golden Crusade, Taklan thought. Like the Batu, the Kurlass ship also had fire control modules that would enhance damage and accuracy to all the artillery and missiles in the fleet. But under the face of enemy fire, he wondered how long will the Kurlass will last. But by keeping the P3 pincer fleet occupied, he hoped that Karan would finally complete their own pincer assault against the P3 central fleet.

A few flights of Assault Craft, Missile Corvettes and Lance Fighters joined the escort and dispatched more attacking drones. Taklan could breath more in safety. He could now surely reach the Shipyard, and upon it, he will set the new Flagship. The Vaygr will not be stopped.


Aboard the Sajuuk

“We have just lost the Batu,” Admiral Serim reported. “The Vaygr are suffering heavy losses, although they are inflicting on the P3 heavily. We have no word if the Vaygr-Khar survived. They are fighting like they’re facing the devil himself but if this keeps on, the Vaygr center forces will be annihilated.”

Karan sighed, knowing the sacrifice their former opponents have given to the Hiigaran fleet. “We cannot help them now. They understood what they were sacrificing. We must press on against the T-MAT center forces or their sacrifice will be in vain..” With the Sajuuk and the Dreadnaught at the lead, the spearhead formation of Hiigaran capital ships have started to split the P3 center fleet, already destroying a number of T-MAT ships in the process. Also decimating the P3 center fleet and its rearguard formations was the combined Hiigaran-Vaygr carrier strike forces that hyperspaced to the rear, and the swarms of strike ships were eating away at the P3 from the back.

“Status on the Progenitor fleet!” Karan ordered.

“It appears they are engaged separately against two waves of P3. They are trying to force their way in,” Captain H’raal reported.

“Not good. We need their firepower.” Karan said.

“We may have to do without them for a while,” Admiral Serim said. “Concentrate on the task at hand. Do we have new firing data from the Pride of Hiigara?”

Despite the Sajuuk being the lead ship, the Pride of Hiigara mothership was providing fire control tower support to the entire formation from the center. The mothership had also unleashed a swarm of protective interceptors to provide the entire formation with cover against attacking P3 drones, while another swarm of Collectors try fervently to repair damage on the ships. Already a number of Collectors were attached to the Sajuuk like parasites, desperately closing the wounds in her armor.

The Pride of Hiigara had locked on to another T-MAT ship. It’s fire control computers have already predetermined the weak points in the T-MAT ship and isolated their coordinates. The data was transmitted to modified receivers in the Sajuuk and the Dreadnaught, then to the Battlecruisers, Frigates and Destroyers. Some of the Battlecruisers contain fire control towers of their own perpetuating the datalink. Torpedoes, ion beams and kinetic fire rained on the hapless T-MAT ship, and there was suddenly a massive flash where it was supposed to be, debris flying in all directions, racing from an expanding shockwave…

“We got one more!” Admiral Serim shook his fist in triumph.

“That’s the good news. The bad news is that the Vaygr fleet is now breaking up,” said Captain Hraal. “We can expect the P3 pincer group to turn on us.”

“The Vaygr has bought us enough time. Annihilate the rest of the P3 center position. Lock on to the nearest big ship!” Karan ordered.

Responding fire from the P3 brought a Battlecruiser and two Destroyers to their knees. The flashes of their destruction bathed the bridge of the Sajuuk with their dying light, but Karan remain undeterred. “Lock now!”

“The Pride of Hiigara got a lock. Transferring coordinates now. All artillery being brought to bear. All artillery being brought to bear,” Admiral Serim announced.

“Fire!” Karan ordered, just as a Hiigaran torpedo frigate met its fate in a flash from an ion beam. Fragments from the frigate flew outward, some of them smashing against the hull of Sajuuk. The Sajuuk connected its massive beam to the T-MAT ship, and in a split second later, came the beams from the Dreadnaught Kharak-cor, and the rest of the surviving Battlecruisers, Destroyers and Frigates. Fire and smoke emanated from the ports of the T-MAT ship as its arms crumbled away. In a split second later, the ship was torn in half as its reactors exploded.

Like all bad news, they tend to come in a sudden. “We got hyperspace signatures all around us!” Captain H’raal shouted.

“What! Where are they coming from?” Admiral Serim shouted, his mouth agape in horror.

“T-MAT fleet materializing on top of us. I repeat, they are on top of us!” Captain H’raal shouted.

“No! By the Mother of all Hiigara!” Admiral watched the screens. The implications were now clear. They had underestimated the size of the T-MAT fleet which had multiplied as it acquired resources from system to system, assimilating material, devouring ships and outposts at their wake. The large blips of the screen indicated more enemy motherships, along with king sized cruisers and destroyers.

But there was one more…

A ship sized like no other. When Karan saw the size of it, she immediately knew who was birthing those T-MAT motherships. In fact, it was shaped like it was still birthing one more T-MAT ships at the same time.

The ship, the annals called the Tartarus…the source of all hell…

We are trapped now…like the Vaygr Karan thought. There is nothing we can do now but take out as many of them as much as possible.

“Order the Pride of Hiigara to acquire the main lead ship, the Tartarus!” Karan ordered.

“But Sajuuk-Khar, we can eliminate the P3 center,” said Admiral Serim.

“We can destroy the center but lose to this one,” Karan interjected. “Let the carrier strike forces mop up against the P3 center. We need to deal against their main flagship.”

“Orders relayed!” Captain H’raal said. “The Pride of Hiigara is reporting that fire control scanners have arrayed against the Tartarus!”

Explosions suddenly racked the Sajuuk. Explosions from outside filled the bridge with blinding light.

“Status!” Karan ordered, her fists clenched, trying to grab hold onto something as the rocking the ship almost threw her out of her cubicle. The main cabin lights were flashing, and the displays were erratic. She knew those hits had affected the power systems somehow, and perhaps both the main sensor and computer systems as well.

“Sajuuk-Khar. The Kharak-cor Dreadnaught—she’s reporting heavy damage. She’s falling out of formation. I got visuals on her,” Captain H’raal said. On the screen, the Dreadnaught—the ship they first recovered from the Karos Graveyard—was now blackened and smoking. It’s bow has tilted downward, and that tilt, and her general direction, has accelerated.

“Damage report on the Kharak-cor is critical. She’s out of control, no steer no nothing,” Captain H’raal reported. “Fire on all main decks. They have hull breach in the forward quarter and the back. Power is unstable. Weapons and fire control systems are non operational. All her repairing Collectors were lost.”

“Tell her to abandon ship. We will continue without her. Sajuuk! Aim all batteries at the Tartarus!” Admiral Serim ordered.

“But sir, our weapons are non operational. The last hit took out our power momentarily and damaged our fire control,” Captain H’raal said.

“What! What about our backups?” Serim said.

“Trying to start them up. If we knew more about Progenitor technology, we could get them up faster,” Captain H’raal said. “The Tartarus is powering up!”

Just as Captain H’raal finished his sentence, a rain of ion beams and cruise missiles shot out from the T-MAT main fleet. The Sajuuk staggered, then increasingly leaned to one side. Sparks shot out of the control panels as power was overloaded. Ceiling panels collapsed. There was shouting and panic on the bridge; guards and crew grabbing fire extinguishers to shut out of the power.

Admiral Serim found himself lifting his body off the floor, full of broken panels and glass. H’raal was coordinating the fire extinguishing efforts and in a desperate fashion, trying to regain all power and sensors to the bridge. He watched over to where the Sajuuk-Khar’s cubicle lay. It was not there. No!

The cubicle was now on the floor, and Karan’s two assistants lay on the floor, bleeding, unconscious or dead. Karan herself was limp and lying on the floor, her eyes shut. Serim ran to her, and lifted her body. He put his hear near her mouth. He could still hear her breathing. Thank Sajuuk!

“She’s still alive. The Sajuuk-Khar is still alive!” Admiral Serim cried out, cradling Karan’s body in his arms. She seemed so light, limp and fragile now.

“She’s not going to be alive soon if she stays on this ship,” Captain H’raal said. “We have lost all our main power. The Sajuuk has lost its yaw and pitch stabilization, and she’s literally out of control. We do not have steering control either. We have no report on our repairing Collectors. They are presumed all dead. The Sajuuk’s adrift and she’s a dead bird now, like the Kharak-cor.”

“We need to get the Sajuuk-Khar out of this ship, and into the Pride of Hiigara,” Admiral Serim said. “That will be our fall back flag ship.”

“I’ve already anticipated that. We got a Marine Frigate from the Pride of Hiigara on the way complete with escorts,” Captain H’raal said.

“Why a Marine Frigate?” Admiral Serim asked.

“Because the bridge is cut off from the rest of the ship. The main pathways have been destroyed and other doors can no longer be opened. Only the Marines can drill through the hull and get us out. I will try to stay here and regain control of the ship.” H’raal said.

“You might as well abandon the ship with us,” Serim said. “No heroics, Captain. That is an order.”

“Not until I’m sure I cannot regain control of this ship,” Captain H’raal said.

“Very well. But if you failed to regain control, you are leaving with us. No questions asked. That goes for the rest of the crew.” Admiral Serim ordered.

“Understood, Admiral.”

An officer cried out watching from the window. “Enemy drones headed for the Sajuuk and the Marine frigate!”

“If we lose the Marine frigate, we’re done for, including the Sajuuk-Khar!” H’raal shouted. He glanced at the window to see the unwelcome sight of the Hiigaran interceptors being torn apart by the corvette sized drones. The frigate was going to be next, then the Sajuuk.

Then suddenly strange ships appeared and flashed by. The drones disappeared in flashes of light, as small pulsar sized ion beams connected. One of the strange craft buzzed near the bridge window of the Sajuuk.

Much closer, H’raal could recognize it now. An Acolyte…no…a Super Acolyte from its beams, shape and tail. But how? The Somtaaw is now here? Where are they?

“We got Captain Toulan of the Kun-laan 2 in our emergency communications. The Somtaaw task force has hyperspaced into our general vicinity, Captain.” An officer said.

“Good!” Admiral Serim jumped in glee. He remembered that Captain Toulan mentioned they could rebuild Super Acolytes with the aid of Progenitor technology. This must be the fruit of their labors.

“This is Captain Toulan of the Kun-Laan 2. Sorry I’m late. Got held up by one of these T-MAT scout forces. At your service.”

“Your timing could not be better, Captain,” Admiral Serim said. “Even if you’re late. The Sajuuk is down. We’re bringing the Sajuuk-Khar to another Mothership, the Pride of Hiigara. We need you to protect the Sajuuk and the Marine Frigate at all cost while we transfer the Sajuuk-Khar.”

“Understood, Admiral, Captain Toulan out!” From the windows, Admiral Serim could see four Arch-Seraphim cruisers swinging by with engines on full power, beams firing, missiles launching and cannons blasting, all rising to engage the main T-MAT fleet. The Kun-Laan 2 was right behind, shooting out her point defense systems, as the Super Acolytes dived by, cutting at the enemy drones. Even with those ships, they would not last long without help. But hopefully long enough for the Hiigarans to regain their footing.

Admiral Serim turned away from the screens and watched at the body of Karan in his arms. “Looks like we have another problem. I don’t know how to get her out of her connecting interfaces.”

“We have to do it the old fashioned way!” Captain H’raal said. He took out his ceremonial knife.

“No, not that way, Captain!”

“We got no choice, Admiral!” H’raal started slashing at the cables with his knife. Despite his efforts and strength, he only managed to cut a few cables. One of the officers shouted that the Marine Frigate was already outside of the Sajuuk and boring into the bridge.

“This is too slow,” shouted a frustrated H’raal. H’raal then took out his side arm, a laser pistol, right in front of an aghast Admiral Serim.

“Don’t tell me you’re seriously going to use that, Captain.”

“No choice, Admiral. Stay back!” Captain H’raal shot at Karan’s cables, one by one, each breaking through with a shower of sparks. Till she was finally free. One of the cables flowed some fluid, and Serim quickly tied the cable into a knot to shut it off, fearful it may be containing life sustaining fluid. He was no doctor or biologist to know what the fluids were, but he would not take any chances with the Sajuuk-Khar’s life.

The Marines had broken through, and an emergency medical crew ran inside, as Serim lifted Karan in his arms. “Protect the Sajuuk-Khar with all your lives!” Admiral Serim ordered.


Karan could only stare with glazed wet eyes at the ceiling. The smoke burned her eyes, and her head ached with the pain of a sharp blow to her skull. She could not receive anything from the ship, and she could sense, that her interfaces were no more. She could feel she was in a stretcher, limp and paralyzed, and she could hear the shouting, the talking and the whispering of what she knew as Hiigaran Marines and medical personnel.

She was no longer in the Sajuuk, she could sense that. From the small ceilings and the door, this can only be the cramped inside of a Marine Frigate. But Sajuuk she could still feel all around her, in space, in time. Her bond with him, was more than just wires. It was in spirit and in soul.

Even in the frigate, she could sense him among the soldiers and the medics. A tall hooded figure watching over her with a smile, yet no one else could see him but her. He had watched and protected her, and she raised her hand towards him.

“Sajuuk, protect us,” she cried out, before she fainted again.


But the dream turned out to be a nightmare.

Dark clouds appeared in the horizon. A man with the black robes of a priest rode on top of a creature she could only identify as a monstrous, predatory reptile. Against the dark rider, stood a man in defiance, wearing only with beige robes of linen.

“My brother Sajuuk,” he called out. “It is time that our debts will be settled now. We have waited far too long in all the ages.”

“Then we shall settle it, my brother,” Sajuuk uttered.

Karan tried to help, wanted to run over to Sajuuk, but could not. She could not walk, her bones were broken, and her body bled.

“Sajuuk!” She cried.


Aboard the Ark of Geddon

“We got the Tartarus on sight. It’s opening fire on the Sajuuk, and it does not look good on the Hiigaran fleet,” Gursal reported. “If we can break through this muck.”

“We got two enemy fleets ahead of us, and we’re trying the best we can to plow through the mess,” Radal said. The Ark was surrounded by five Sajuuk class Dreadnaughts in a delta formation. Swarms of Keeper drones and Movers converged on the enemies fleets, who had replied with dark clouds of drones of their own. As the large ships battled, the battle among the drones turned into a free for all.

“We cannot get to the Tartarus in time. If it wipes out the Sajuuk and the Dreadnaught, it will go after the rest of the Hiigaran fleet, including the Pride of Hiigara. Then it will go after us.” Radal said, already aware that the Vaygr fleet has fallen.

“Then there is something we must do, father,” Iisha said. “We must disengage the Ark, take the Ark with the five Dreadnaughts, hyperspace to the Tartarus itself and fight it directly. The Keeper and the Mover fleets will keep the two enemy fleets in front of us busy.”

“Without escorts, Iisha, it’s a risk,” Radal said. “Brilliant and risky, but we have to do it.”

Gursal nodded. So did Mani and Banaan. Then the rest of the crew on the bridge of the Ark.

“So it will be. Iisha, set the five Dreadnaughts for hyperspace jump. Prepare the Ark for synchronized hyperspace jump.” Radal ordered. “You got your coordinates.”

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