Greeneville Observation – February 26, 2021 – 6:22PM

Note: Originally I was not going to make an entry on this story. But as the only source of info on this is from The Greeneville Sun, and they demand that you pay to even see the article, I’m posting my eyewitness account of what went down. Their account is here if you do want to spare the pocketchange and to get the full info dump.

Friday, February 26, 2021
6:22 PM
504 Asheville Hwy; Greeneville, TN

I was on my way home Friday afternoon, having done the grocery run. Just as I lined up for the final shot home on Asheville Hwy, I got a request; grab spicy McNuggets.

It’s the last haul, it was on my route, and it was Friday night. Why not? Yes, this is why I stopped, and what led me to seeing this.

So as I turn into McDonalds, I see a bunch of blue lights at a house behind Food City and Ingles. From the size of it, I didn’t realize it was a house; for some reason I always assumed that it was some community building/office. Well, there was a ton of police and fire trucks up around this place.

I saw this briefly, raised an eyebrow and didn’t think much of it as I waited in line at the drive-thru. But my curiosity was piqued. I saw the scene again when I made it around the building, then had a “front row view” while waiting in the side lot for the food to be made.

I didn’t know what was going on at the time. To be honest, someone hurt was in my head. It didn’t seem to be a fire or such. As a matter of fact, I saw quite a bit of police cars (with a lot of overwhelmingly blue lightbars), making me think it was a crime instead of another event.

I did make a mark in my phone with timestamp and what I saw, then jumped home when my order was complete.

So what went down? Well, no thanks to the monopoly I stated above, there is little information on this unless you pay for it. But it apparently was a fire. It looks like it was contained, and nobody got hurt as far as I could tell. The coordinates of said incident was 236 Ell St, which I was able to triangulate from Google Maps.

That’s a crummy way to start your weekend for sure. But everyone was alive at least.

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