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So if you got your first vaccine shot in Greenevile at Walgreens (specifically #11907 at 104 Asheville Hwy), you might’ve gotten a text/email/phone call that it was time for your 2nd dose, and to schedule it. You might’ve also noticed that you’re unable to select that same store (or any in Greeneville for that matter) for scheduling your 2nd shot. Mainly, app and phone call-ins.

Why is this?

Truth be told, my intel doesn’t know honestly. I know when called and presented with this issue (i.e, “Why the heck can’t we schedule per the directions?”), the response was “Just walk in early in the morning without an appointment.”

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Well, this is the first entry in my dream journal series, I do hope you guys find it interesting; enjoy.

Original Dream Date: October 11, 2018

It’s current day of 2018, possibly the evening. My dad comes into my bedroom, unaware that I’ve seen him. He’s younger looking, as if he’s twenty years younger or such (so probably about his later 30s/early 40s.) He has big black garbage bags with him, and starts to throw all my stuff in the garbage bags and walk out. I don’t do anything, and come to the realization that I was not present in the room when this happened.

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I had heard about Walmart deploying robots nationwide a few weeks before this, but I definitely thought that my local store would be the last to use or even accept one. Yet when I went into produce, I did see this QR code on a pole, meaning it was a reference point or a spot for the robot to use.


I’ve now yet to see this robot in action. Time will tell!

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I love to shop at Publix, if it wasn’t obvious already. Especially in the evening of the summer months; it’s a way for me to relax. I’m not an advocate for retail therapy, but when you’re at home quite a bit, getting out helps alleviate being shut-in.


When I went this evening and was about to leave, I noted this large anvil cloud forming in the distance. I was inspiring to look at, especially seeing it loom in the low-light evening hours. I’m almost certain I’ll see a storm wen driving home tonight.

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This is the first time I’ve ever had a Jeep’s temperature senor tell me it was below freezing. And not even 30 or such. A freaking 26! I believe I was able to one-up a friend’s friend on Facebook with this photo, who was complaining later how “45 was too cold”. Ha. The New Jersey side of me laughs at you.

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Maybe one day I’ll talk about it as I see fit. I don’t have the will to probably spell it out.

In 2007 I tried to put my best foot forward today to meet someone, told them I liked and was interested in them. Someone I knew for a good 1+ years at least. 3 days later they started dating a white guy from their church. That bothered me greatly, as if they just started seeing someone for the sake of not being single.

Something similar happened a few days ago, to someone I knew for a number of years. The same scenario played out when I told her I was interested in her. Lightning doesn’t strike twice? Well it certainly did here.

However, that seems to be part of a bigger, indicative problem that’s been happening since 2005. I’m not wanted or have any interest in with the people I meet. I have tried to at least work with someone, but considering how much effort there is to even get anyone to give you more than a second of their time, it’s clearly evident I’m alien and foreign to the local tastes. My homeschooled background does not help, as I’ve not mixed with my age of people in those critical, early years either.

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Originally this was a notebook sketch dating back to 2009, so I apologize for the quality of the art style.


To make a very long story short, I ran across a lady in school, but she was quite empty-headed and lazy to put it mildly. The breaking straw was that she had asked me to help her get a school assignment off of a library database, but it turned out that she was expecting me to do the entire thing, not just give her directions on how to retrieve it herself. I started to distance myself from her and stick to more of my online friends even more.


My feelings towards the situation was summed up in this picture; intelligent, well-read women confronting said woman and squaring off against her. I had stopped drawing people I had met in real life by then, but this was a special exception.


And moreso when I brought it to life in 2011, even getting to use my sibling’s Mac and my Bamboo tablet. Why digitally color it so many years later? It turns out she started going to ETSU too, and was starting to try to pull the same shenanigans again. While this time around I had real people to get support from, the initial sentiment still held true.

EDIT 2013: Years later, I related this story to a fellow classmate our final week of class. He laughed and told me “Raine and Sheena have to go save their world! They don’t have time to be your personal mafia.” As such I find his description very fitting, and am renaming the post to reflect it.


See? Your input makes a difference sometimes.

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This was my last day of work today. While helping organize stuff in the shift, I put together this wooden block tower out of the space blocks that are used to pad the brackets. A guy on the other line tried to knock it over with a block he threw (which it resisted) and even the forklift guy tried to shake up the cage to make it fall down (which it only fell down partially!). Most of the folks there had a good laugh out of it, so there’s that.


ETSU, here I come.

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