Walgreen’s Greeneville 2nd Dosage Online/Phone Scheduling Issue

So if you got your first vaccine shot in Greenevile at Walgreens (specifically #11907 at 104 Asheville Hwy), you might’ve gotten a text/email/phone call that it was time for your 2nd dose, and to schedule it. You might’ve also noticed that you’re unable to select that same store (or any in Greeneville for that matter) for scheduling your 2nd shot. Mainly, app and phone call-ins.

Why is this?

Truth be told, my intel doesn’t know honestly. I know when called and presented with this issue (i.e, “Why the heck can’t we schedule per the directions?”), the response was “Just walk in early in the morning without an appointment.”

No answer to the question why. Puzzling, okay. Inconvenient, quite.

So in case you were going bonkers on why you weren’t able to schedule, this appears to be an issue with the Greeneville Walgreens, at a managerial level decision. I don’t think it’s a technical issue of any sort. It’s quite annoying that the nearest cities that allow to schedule online are 30-50 miles away from Greeneville, which does suggest that something is up.

Definitely an inconvenience for sure, but that’s small town stuff for you. Personally, I’m of the Fifth Element mindset, swiping MultiPass to get what I need with online portals.

Per FleetComm’s directive, exact coordinates so you know that this is the same Walgreens being talked about.

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