I Don’t Think I’ll Date “Local” Anymore

Maybe one day I’ll talk about it as I see fit. I don’t have the will to probably spell it out.

In 2007 I tried to put my best foot forward today to meet someone, told them I liked and was interested in them. Someone I knew for a good 1+ years at least. 3 days later they started dating a white guy from their church. That bothered me greatly, as if they just started seeing someone for the sake of not being single.

Something similar happened a few days ago, to someone I knew for a number of years. The same scenario played out when I told her I was interested in her. Lightning doesn’t strike twice? Well it certainly did here.

However, that seems to be part of a bigger, indicative problem that’s been happening since 2005. I’m not wanted or have any interest in with the people I meet. I have tried to at least work with someone, but considering how much effort there is to even get anyone to give you more than a second of their time, it’s clearly evident I’m alien and foreign to the local tastes. My homeschooled background does not help, as I’ve not mixed with my age of people in those critical, early years either.

It’s also alarming when I do notice that the few people who do give me the time of day are always of a certain group, and tell me that “not everyone’s like that”, is always almost guaranteed bigger than me, has a kid, someone I’m not attracted to and usually a bit duller. Always “lovin’ the country”, with their dream of being tucked away in the mountains or some farmstead with a horse.

Suffice to say, that was the last straw about trying to date people here in East Tennessee. It’s no longer an attractive trait in a potential partner.

I’ve always put my neck out there because those were the people in reach, and that’s what I was told to do. They were the people around me. I was also told that the person that I’d find would appear and you don’t have to go looking for them, out of the mess of people who didn’t like you.

But now I’m finding out that I am either being looked at in disgust or hatred in varying degrees. And those who like me is people I’m not interested in or attracted to at all. It’s not worth it.

There is nothing special, attractive or interesting about any woman that’s from East Tennessee, or calls the place their home. And there’s no equal or someone who’ll match you to be your other half. They’re not people I’ll be glad to call a girlfriend or a wife.

From this point on, I’m most definitely not looking for a Southern, Tennessean woman, especially of the “curvy country girl” variety with the accent. From what I see I’m not desirable because I’m not a white, Southern Christian man anyway.

Actually, if you’re not comfortable to get to know a stranger that isn’t one of the local populace you “grew up” with, I’m definitely not losing anything not knowing you..

Want to impress me? Come from a non-Southern place in the US (or another country), know a lot of tech, be fit to a degree and give an inkling. That’ll go a long way further than what I’ve encountered here for the past 5 years.

That certainly makes it a lot harder to find someone as that’s the standard fare ” ’round here”. But hey, I’m booking it elsewhere as soon as I graduate, so that’s not a problem now, is it?

P.S: To the lady from Morristown or wherever that told me “it’ll happen one day”. Please let someone repeatedly slap you with a fish like in Veggie Tales for such absurd advice. Thank you.

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