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So something happened on r/WritingPrompts about a month ago, probably a bit more time than that.

Apparently it’s now an issue that I post my artwork to their subreddit for Image Prompts. Specifically they have a rule against self-promotion, but mine has bananas of problems. Why, you may ask?

Well, they don’t like that my image has a watermark of a URL, and that URL leads to my website that has a “Shop” area.

They’ve told me that I can post the artwork without a watermark, or post a watermark that doesn’t have any identifying information to really find me online, or directly link to social media. The second mod that laid down the final ruling seemed a bit more understanding, but left it as that.

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I only found out today that Pier 1 closed all their physical locations. This hit me quite hard; I know I didn’t really purchase stuff from them, but it was a place I loved to stroll, explore and just basically browse. It was one of the top 5 places I’d go to when back at ETSU, short of Starbucks, the mall and and Books A Million.

As a matter of fact, Pier 1 in Johnson City was in the same plaza. I’d just park one spot and walk to both.

Usually I’d go there Saturday evenings, when I got bored at home or wanted to stretch my legs. Sometimes on a Sunday; but usually Saturday. I was frequenting the store almost every week in 2012, especially after I moved back to ETSU in the fall.

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Seven years ago, I was asked a question by someone regarding me dating. It was the winter of 2013, right after I got out of school to find my way in the world.

If you found the perfect someone that you wanted, met all your checkmarks and needs, whatever you imagined; but they wanted to live in a quiet little rural spot. They just wanted to be left alone from the world, they absolutely loved the area. Would you turn them down?

At the time, I told them that would work out for me off the cuff. I tried to be a little open-minded with the question.

Seven years later, I’m staring into a shower wall at 3AM. That conversation came back to my head. With that much years and experiences gone by since. Without hesitation, without question, I knew the answer without conflict.


I don’t think I really need to explain the answer, considering I have shared about myself the past few years. But that would never work out for me. Maybe twenty years later when I’ve had enough of civilization, I’d change my mind. But when I don’t even have in my 30s what most people have in their early 20s, marrying someone to hide in rural nowhere won’t get that for me.

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I guess all this isolation has made me self-reflect a lot. Definitely have not been getting bored, that’s for sure.

With forays into long-forgotten files when I was in college, I found a mod I was working on to make Space Empires IV like Space Empires V. This was mostly an image swap to update the graphics, and to give a bunch more stuff to edit.

I’ve also come to realized how the few last fans of that game huddle in a corner and try to grow out, as the creator of their game has vanished off the internet without a trace. Very likely there will be no more Space Empires games, and whatever we create is what remains of that community.

It’s also given me thought of Olympus Champion Shipyards, my brother’s and I fansite for the 3rd iteration of the game. It now lies temporarily defunct due to a port issue, having been coded in SQL by my brother on his server.

That’s a whole few articles in itself, but the warming weather, memories of my past and the urge to touch Space Empires again has made me realize how much it meant to me when I was younger. I believe I’ll try to finish this mod 6 years later, and I also will try to make a repository to the best of my ability with what I have on hand. Time will tell.

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I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile now, and had to come up with something. So this is the thank you to my Instagram followers, which is now up to 55 followers. It takes me a long time to get followers, and I greatly value every one of you guys who decide to take time and check out my stuff.


So I appreciate it, I really do. I’m glad that my content is interesting to someone out there in the world.

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The legend goes that when you build a dice tower, is that you’re bored and not engaging with the group. Our game was done at this point, but there was a lull and decided to put this together. I’m surprised it actually stayed up for awhile.

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When I came back from Florida, we had to return the rental vehicle to KTRI, or Tri-Cities Regional. I made a bathroom stop and noticed this wonderful setup; touchless water and soap dispenser by Bradley. But the most impressive part? The air dryer for hands being put in the sink. So no water everywhere like a regular dysonBlade or the like. That light also helps to kill germs.


Nice going, TRI. I approve of this.

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So when Christina and I went to to play putt putt golf on my last day, we went to Pirate’s Cove Golf Course. The last time I played putt putt golf was in someplace in Newport in 2006; while that course wasn’t bad, the circumstances were a lot different and less enjoyable.


I had a ton of fun here, had someone I knew to some degree teaching me the game and got to play in mild weather. It was really great, and someplace I do recommend people visiting!

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My parents are attending an anniversary party for one of my Dad’s relatives, and have asked me to help them drive down. While I would prefer a solo road trip, getting to clock some Interstate hours is something I’m always up to. Just grabbing some sleep before my shift starts on the first leg, but looks like I have a long way to go.

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