Goodbye, Pier 1

I only found out today that Pier 1 closed all their physical locations. This hit me quite hard; I know I didn’t really purchase stuff from them, but it was a place I loved to stroll, explore and just basically browse. It was one of the top 5 places I’d go to when back at ETSU, short of Starbucks, the mall and and Books A Million.

As a matter of fact, Pier 1 in Johnson City was in the same plaza. I’d just park one spot and walk to both.

Usually I’d go there Saturday evenings, when I got bored at home or wanted to stretch my legs. Sometimes on a Sunday; but usually Saturday. I was frequenting the store almost every week in 2012, especially after I moved back to ETSU in the fall.

It was a very easygoing, wonderful experience shopping at Pier 1. It was never too cold or hot, the story was almost always clean. It smelled fantastic, especially with the candles and scent oils. The staff were pretty much friendly to me all the time.

Speaking of which, that place had amazing casual music. I wouldn’t have discovered deep house if it wasn’t for them. It wasn’t hipstery in 2013, and it gave you that upscale experience.

They also had nice offerings for decor. I especially loved their scented candles and incense. Asian Spice was my particular favorite; I even still have some of those candles somewhere which I burn on special occasions.

Other notable purchases were bamboo utensils, tall 14oz cups and a few ramekins for baking. I also had managed to nab one of their metal wine goblets awhile back.

I don’t tend to show photos inside a store, but considering they’re gone now, I suppose it won’t hurt to share this. I found these owls one April, during those browsing visits. Those eyes definitely stare into your soul.

I’m sure I have one more photo lying around with some mirrors, but can’t seem to locate it. When I do, I’ll be sure to update this post with it.

On actually delivering an experience to you, here’s also some notable songs I picked up using the Shazam app while in the store.

This particular tune introduced me to DJ Migs, and his work in the deep house music community. Every time I hear his music now, I associate it with Pier 1 visits, writing at Starbucks or going through large cities. I’ve had lots of my deviantART friends claim how clean and sophisticated his music sounds, giving them a feeling that they were indeed in a city.

Also let’s not forget about this gem, either. I actually love to listen to this artist on road trips now. In a strange twist, Mom actually likes their music too. That’s progress right there.

So farewell, Pier 1. Thanks for a place to unwind after coming out of school, thanks for the fun stuff to look at on weekends. Sorry for not actually getting to visit in the past few years. You’ll be in memory, at least. Something that’s been in the past like Blockbuster and old mall arcades. We’ll see what the future holds.

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