Random #Showerthought – 10.07.2020

Seven years ago, I was asked a question by someone regarding me dating. It was the winter of 2013, right after I got out of school to find my way in the world.

If you found the perfect someone that you wanted, met all your checkmarks and needs, whatever you imagined; but they wanted to live in a quiet little rural spot. They just wanted to be left alone from the world, they absolutely loved the area. Would you turn them down?

At the time, I told them that would work out for me off the cuff. I tried to be a little open-minded with the question.

Seven years later, I’m staring into a shower wall at 3AM. That conversation came back to my head. With that much years and experiences gone by since. Without hesitation, without question, I knew the answer without conflict.


I don’t think I really need to explain the answer, considering I have shared about myself the past few years. But that would never work out for me. Maybe twenty years later when I’ve had enough of civilization, I’d change my mind. But when I don’t even have in my 30s what most people have in their early 20s, marrying someone to hide in rural nowhere won’t get that for me.

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