Dream Journal: July 7, 2013

This is a dream entry from after I came out of school in 2013. While nothing noteworthy sets it up above others, I do remember the last scene vividly; I do believe something more was at play here. So here goes.

Original Dream Date: July 7, 2013

Dream started out with me in my bedroom. Some German person (probably a guy but pretty sure it was a girl, not sure) commissioned me to make 8 portraits of young women. They would’ve been from the waist up, early 20s; as if they were sitting and staring at the viewer, hands in their lap.

Then I was in some coastline environment, with a hangar near the beach. The sky had a rich blue hue, and you could see a spiral shell in the moon, that was visible in the sky. The ocean was calm.

Dad’s Honda Civic was out in the middle of the hangar, and had a good chunk of parts removed. I was under the impression that it was being refitted with modern technology (as it was a car from 2001), and possibly even being fitted with aircraft parts.

The input, attention to detail and knowledge was akin to a NASA launch. The Civic was being prepared for a very long voyage, and it was going someplace distant.

Now with that last bit, I’m pretty sure it had an outside influence; from a piece I had seen on deviantART previously.

Ammonite’s Dream by Markus Vesper

While I didn’t favorite it till the latter part of 2016, Ammonite’s Dream was published to deviantART in 2012. In those summer months of 2013, I was spending a lot more time on deviantART, mostly browsing and reacquainting myself with the site after my ETSU hiatus from 2011. I do remember this piece from back then, and it’s too much of a coincidence that I came up with that idea without external inspiration.

What do I think this dream meant?

I believe the first part was deviantART related. I’ve always imagined that I’d become a better artist (possibly doing art similar to Raiko or Raichiyo33), and do character commissions and support myself with art. While I know it’s a hard-to-reach dream for me, it’s something I’d like to eventually do as a part-time, self-sustaining hobby. So I think that’s what that first part was about.

For the second part: Without going into a private personal matter, I had total free reign with my finances at the time. I was just 3 months out of graduating college in July 2013. I fully believe I was optimistic about moving on with my life, and visualizing myself taking off into the great unknown. I visualized my parents’ Civic because it was the only reliable vehicle we had to travel long distances, as everything else I used for work had mechanical problems (which made them unsuitable for driving further than 50 miles at a time).

I’m fairly confident that last bit was also visualizing me moving out of my parents’ home, following my dreams and going out to where I needed to be.

Thanks to Markus Vesper for allowing me to feature his art in my dream journal entry. You can check him out at his deviantART and website.

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