Reddit WritingPrompts – Putabapa Learns about Humanity

This is my first ever writing prompt I responded to on Reddit. I had seen the sub a few days before; while mindlessly browsing writing subreddits to get involved in, this had come up. The idea that while humans were the most pacifistic species, they could also be the deadliest.

This post in particular had gained a lot of traction in the sub, and it seemed like a great fit for me to try. So applied myself I did.

Apparently I did real good on this one over the others, and got several comments on this. Pleased was an understatement. Not bad for my first try.

Done in approximately March 13, 2016.

Note: My writing for Reddit writing prompts is different for brevity. While this is a good example of my writing, I often omit backstory and several details to create a concise post. Please look at my other works if you’re looking for my more regular style of writing.

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“Yes, brood?”

“Why do we not attack the humans? Are they not reprehensible?”

The multi-legged creature looked at its miniature copy of itself clinging to the mushroom tree.

“What gives you that idea, Putabapa?”

“They are weak. They do not conquer the galaxy or planets. They fight in defense. They’re addicted to their information network of “The Internet” and their females post numerous pictures of their faces making strange expressions every day.”

“And that makes them weak?”

“Guyen are strong, Father! We have plasma weapons! Phase-shifters to go through solid matter! Fusion reactors that will give us power for millenia! Humans still shoot lead and use technology decades if not centuries old.”

The father was quiet for a moment. “There are many who believe the humans are such. Not just Guyen. But the other races as well. However, the ones that make these faces or stream all day are not the representative of the entire human race. There are those that do otherwise.”

“Be warned, Putabapa. Humanity is the most dangerous species in the entire galaxy. They know war. They know hell. They have been fighting since they have crafted the first spear out of a stick and a stone. Their homeworld has suffered three world wars and they’ve been through numerous conflicts with themselves. Everyone knows war. But does not embrace it.”

“And why is that, Father?”

“it is because of that very background is why they wish peace. It is their blessing, but their curse as well. A demonic side that is aroused when they are in danger, leaving nothing left of life when they are done. But the common human cries in despair in this. They want to see life grow. They do not want to cause a bloodbath. If they do, there is nothing left of their humanity. That pacifism is their guard against such destruction.”

“Did you know that the humans have all sorts of advanced weapons? All manners of alien weapons they’ve engineered themselves. They’ve done so with our very plasma weapons as well, brood. Their scientists are the ones to have invented the mass driver cannon, the mecha suit. The zero-dimension bomb. They’ve almost commited genocide against two races already in the name of defense. Far be it that the humans are weak. They most certainly know the weapons of war.”

“So they are xenophobes, not wanting to be bothered?”

“I wouldn’t say they want to be xenophobic. However, they probably would not take kindly to you pointing a gun at them, much less sending an invasion fleet to one of their colonized planet. Heavens forbid they decide to detonate a nuclear weapon over such a trivial act.”

There was silence in the arid plateau for a moment. Putabapa was still in the tree, convoluted thoughts going through his head.

“What must we do to keep the humans pacifists, father?”

“Learning to dance would be a good start. Adopting a human pet of a cat and posting videos of it would help greatly. Showing them you are their friend and they can be yours. And understanding their common man, Putabapa. That is who humanity is. The ones that will devastate everything for a peaceful existence. They are the ones whom you should be wary of…”

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