Dream Journal: October 11, 2018

Well, this is the first entry in my dream journal series, I do hope you guys find it interesting; enjoy.

Original Dream Date: October 11, 2018

It’s current day of 2018, possibly the evening. My dad comes into my bedroom, unaware that I’ve seen him. He’s younger looking, as if he’s twenty years younger or such (so probably about his later 30s/early 40s.) He has big black garbage bags with him, and starts to throw all my stuff in the garbage bags and walk out. I don’t do anything, and come to the realization that I was not present in the room when this happened.

Now that he’s gone, I’m now actually in the room. He comes back and looks like he’s about to do the same thing, but stops upon seeing me. I ask him where some of my stuff is, he doesn’t answer. I ask him again and he walks over to a storage shelf next to my computer, starting to throw the collectibles and hard drives off of it. I yell at him to stop because those things are expensive. There’s a Star Trek ship on top (I think it was Voyager, it’s nothing I own) that he’s reaching for to throw down on the floor. I forcefully insert myself between him and it, telling him that thing cost $250. He relents and stops, and I’m busy trying to put the ship back onto the stand and see if its broken.

I’m then suddenly scene jump to another location. I’m in a tiny brick room that looks like an abandoned building. It’s cold, I’m dressed in pajamas and my sleeping bag’s on the floor. Some old computer hardware is on the floor too (I recognize it from my previous system, probably my old Millenium Project). It’s winter and snowing outside, coming down pretty heavy. I’m under the impression that I either left or got kicked out of the house. I subconsciously am leaving the little room, looking for a propane canister to heat the room. I don’t have a jacket, but put on some big work boots and don’t even bother to tie them.

When I step out, I realize this room is in a strip mall, and right in the wall of a grocery store where I got my first job. I have the notion I have some money, but it would be wasteful to go in and just buy a canister. It’s like I’m scavenging something from a restaurant and just draining the tanks empty. (This grocery store is in East TN, which has some importance).

I reach the end of the sidewalk of the mall and this car pulls up, winding down the window. Something older, but like a 2004 Camry or the like. Inside is a character from one of my stories by the name of Maddie, in the driver’s seat and getting my attention.

Lineart courtesy Christina Weinman.

This part didn’t make sense as the character in question was out of place. They were a pub waitress from a pseudo mid-1800’s setting that I write about here on my site. Almost 30, shoulder length red hair, curvy/husky body, Irish accent. Big long flowing skirts, ridiculous striped stockings and a half opened blouse to show a corset and cleavage mark. The woman who’d probably be doing some trampy cancan dance for patrons and slamming a mug of beer on the table. You get the idea, I hope.

Concept flats of Maddie, from my writing projects. Lineart courtesy Christina Weinman.

Yet here she was in the car dressed the same way, driving it like she’s just some normal person living in 2018. Like it was second nature to her and she wasn’t waiting tables from the setting I had made her for. If anything, that was the most puzzling part of the dream.

Maddie asks if I need a lift. I ask her why, she responds that she’ll not only give me a lift, but more than that. I shove my armful of belongings into the trunk (sleeping bag, computer parts, empty propane canister) and hop into the car.

Another scene jump takes place. I’m now on a couch in a fancy studio apartment. White walls, black ceiling. The ceilings are high, clean modern designs. Abstract artwork is hanging from the walls, specifically one that’s probably over eight feet tall and three feet wide. I’m still in my clothes from the previous scenario.

I actually found this image about a week after I had this dream. While it did lack several features, this wasn’t too far off from what I had seen in my dream.

One entire wall of the apartment is glass. I recognize it as New York City, probably south Manhattan. Probably just in the middle of the day or early afternoon. It’s still cloudy, cold, and snowing outside. I’m up on a higher floor; my gut told me 6 or 10. I wander over and just stare at the city and the happenings below. Taxis, people walking, even another tower across the street.

Maddie is in the kitchen, which really is just a part of the giant one room. Still dressed in her old-fashioned outfit, walking around and making dinner. She implies that I fell asleep on the couch, and that she owns the apartment. I’m welcome to stay as long as I like, she won’t ask me for rent or anything. I start to go sit at a stool to watch her make the food when the doorbell rings. Maddie goes to get it.

It’s my parents. They’re at their current age and look like how I’ve seen them just the other day. They look around, thinking that the apartment is mine and I’m living here on my own. They don’t notice Maddie at all; in fact, it’s like she vanished when my parents enter the apartment, as if she didn’t exist anymore. My siblings come in afterwards as my parents are still walking around the living room. They’re impressed that I’m living there in the apartment.

My ddream ends here.

Things of note:

There was a real-life incident that mirrored what happened in the first part of my dream. I was about 12 or so (the year was 2000, I definitely remember that), and I was getting really hooked on Disney animated movies. More of the older classics, like The Hunchback of Notre Dame and such. I think my Dad was mad at this one day, and when I wasn’t in the house, went into my room and dumped a bunch of my belongings, books and drawings into trash bags and took them away. He openly lied and refused to tell me where my stuff went, and my mom had no idea he did what he did. Of point was several library books I borrowed, which earned late fees because I couldn’t find them and were in the bags. Two to three weeks later, he walked into my room, dropped the bags on the floor and walked out without a word.

A lady on Reddit deduced that Maddie was probably some figure I associated with escaping the setting I’m it, and getting away from the trauma I had in the past. That’d make sense to a degree. She also thought that I was reflecting on my past and how to avoid it, and what I wanted in the future. This I 100% agree with; I want to live in an apartment somewhere else than East Tennessee, preferably in some big city. Living in shambles next to a grocery store that paid me minimum wage directly reflects how my life was running, not able to get above that and get what I need.

I had originally posted this on Reddit, but has been edited to clarity and formatting for my blog with more details. So if things seem a little too descriptive or redundant, those are artifacts from the original Reddit post speaking to total strangers.

I hope you enjoyed this, and more will follow for the rest of the season.


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