Shoutout to Robuster and my sister for coordinating getting me this as a gift, under the pretense to do a playthrough of it. Which is fine by me, let’s get that done.

Not a fan of the Zurk parts, had a small rough edit because I kept failing several times. Why? Left Alt and Shift brings up Windows functions; so I had to remap the “Meow” key to something else. Succeeded on the 2nd try afterwards.

I would’ve put this out earlier, but I’m behind on actually getting content queued with IRL things. But I got some pretty nifty presents, and needed to get it warmed up with a modern game. So here we are.

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This was a long time coming. I’ve been jokingly called a time traveler for a number of years, but my workhorse of a GTX 770 is finally getting upgraded with a GTX 1070. Definitely sure it’ll play Elite: Dangerous a lot better, but now I can take on some modern games a bit better.

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After a big hiatus, I started doing Keymailer stuff again, and am slowly digging through my queue. What prompted this? Alex from Isolated Games, who wanted me to check out their game Between the Stars. Looks pretty spiffy so far! This game had a successful Kickstarter; while that may be over, you’re more than welcome to give them additional support when the game comes out!

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In 2001, I was slowly allowed to start buying PC games that I liked with my allowance. The first few titles were stuff available off the Big Lots store shelf, as they were often cheaper. Things like Bugdom and Disney’s Atlantis: Trial by Fire. However, one winter evening near Christmas a game caught my attention. It was a game by the name of Fargate, and it was 50% off in a bargain bin when I had walked in that day. I HAD to get it, considering it looked to be a more complicated game than the “standard” education games I’d play.

It was quite a trip. I had technical difficulties with the game for several years so I never played it past the 4th stage. When I went to college in 2010, I discovered my issues stemmed from the CD being scratched around the rim. I found a cheap replacement copy on eBay and proceeded to beat the game not too far after.

My original manual from 2001, along with the more recently acquired CD case from eBay. I possess the box but was not able to find it for publishing this interview.

When I started to do my interview series, Fargate was one of the games I had an easier time finding people who worked on. In addition to finding such little background information on the game, I felt a proper notation in the interwebs was needed.

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