Gaming Montages

I recently found these bunch of clips during my New Years cleanup a few weeks ago. These feature a few of my online friends, including my brother and my art buddy. A couple of these you might’ve seen on my other gaming channel when I had started it up; otherwise these should all be unseen stuff as they were archived at the end of that year, and never found back.

These clips encompass my gameplay from the beginning of September, till the first week of October of 2016.

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Back when Obsidian Orbital was attacked by Thargoids, this was my 2nd rescue mission that I got involved in. They pay pretty decently if you do well, almost 750K to a million, actually.

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear ObsidianAnt himself making the evacuation announcement over the PA!

I’m the silly kind of guy who would call the station a house, then say the Thargoids attacked ObsidianAnt’s house. Old dA habits die hard.

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Week 6’s montage is up! At this point I’m playing Mercy 75% of the time, not quite a Mercy main but getting there.

Also due to a recent conversation with my brother (Robuster), he’s allowing me to post his POTG’s on my channel as well. So you’ll see a few in this video, but I’ll upload his separately from now on.

Apologies if the blending isn’t too smooth, I’m not at my regular facilities this November.

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