You know what it’s time it’s for! It’s high time I actually start uploading some of my backlogged MMD stuff.

So to hop on a meme, here’s Mercy, Symmetra and D.va doing the Crab Rave. And you can bet Commander Shepard is up there doing the same thing in his room. This is more silly than serious; enjoy!

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This one was a tad bit of a doozy; you have Reddit to thank for this fusion.


I recently saw a picture of an English breakfast, namely with the tater tots, brisket steak, eggs and mushrooms. I wanted to give it a stab to the best of my ability, so I decided to try it this morning.


While I do lack the steak, I did have the mushrooms, eggs and tater tots. The eggs were friend and do contain chives. I cooked those in short order; the blueberries were for a dessert, but as I didn’t get to use it and they were getting old, threw them into the breakfast as well. Bread and cheese was Mom’s contribution.


It was pretty tasty; though I need to get a lot better at making my egg looked poached and photographic. Also my mushrooms always seem to not have a lot of flavor. Need to look into that in the future.

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My friend Dave sent these two pepper goodies to me after I swapped him muscadine grapes. He decided to start me out with “mild” stuff, which is starfish pepper sauce and habanero pepper dust. I was told I need to master these before I get hotter stuff to try.


Oh well. The sauce does work good with pholourie, and the dust works nicely with flavoring fried eggs. Mom especially uses the latter.

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First dinner I had in my new office today; while it’s not much, it was nicely put together. I have a hunk of fried egg on the side, mixed with some non-mushy rice, stirred up with some onions and spinach. This was a small saucer plate to show how light it was; still, it was very savory and I loved it.

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For tenders, this wasn’t bad at all! I gave a shot at a different chicken dish this evening, ending up with their signature chicken tenders. I got it slathered in Honey Hot, which almost tasted like BBQ chicken. Sides were mac n’ cheese, onion rings and fries.


This is actually one of the times that tenders dipped in a sauce tasted right. Almost better than KFC’s tenders I’d say.

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