Back in May when my friend Megan was helping do some content for my channel, this was one of the skits we had done. It should speak for itself for the most part, nothing complicated.

I haven’t done anything skit or “story” related in filming since I graduated school in 2013. It was a bit difficult to get back into but I had fun with this. It especially helped since I had most of my props and stuff from my room available as this occurred during the construction that was taking place last year. I look forward to doing more in the future.

Original Film Date: May 31, 2017

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This was certainly a surprise. If you remember my last post here, I had done a piece for Moon Studio’s #OriValentine giveaway. Turns out I actually won a prize! They sent it out in the mail for me, which arrived a short bit ago.


Until I got these, I had no idea merchandising for this game was really a thing. Stuff’s pretty cool; snazzy pin, little napkin packet and a spiffy journal. Mom actually likes this journal a whole lot, and likes the character art on the front!


I also got my name listed on their site, which is also pretty amazing. A big thank you to you guys, I’m glad you liked my doodle of Ori going giddy over coffee.

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Here’s something new! This took me a bit to render and get together. My brother and I tackle Destiny 2 after getting a bundle sale over the holidays.

I do apologize for a section where I kept falling; I did think of editing out but it shows I’m not perfect at these things. Vex levels especially mess with me due to a real life fear of heights, so it’s always nerve-wracking when you take a jump.

Also would like to note this is the first time I ever played a Destiny game. 😛

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I almost missed this one, but was browsing Twitter one night when I saw that Moon Studios were having a giveaway, in which they’d hand out some Ori-themed merchandise based on who submitted artwork. They’d pick some they like, then give those winners a prize. I never tried entering my art in contests like this (I always thought I was subpar and kind of still do), but I just decided to try something and get a piece out there.


This was the final result. I wasn’t too happy on the background but the overall piece was all right. I definitely liked the concept! So I entered it into the competition. We’ll see how it goes.


EDIT: Wow. I actually got selected and won a prize! This is just mind-blowing and completely floored me. I never expected to actually win something out of this. Thank you so much, Moon Studios. You guys are awesome!


You can check out my prize here. I also got listed on the developer’s site as a contest winner!

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Well, its time I start doing this again.

A little over a week ago, I was approached by an author by the name of Sophia Ahn with a request; to give an honest review about their book in the style of my regular book review. While this is something I didn’t really start to consider till recently, I happily obliged. I did need to restart my content and this was definitely a welcome assignment to do something different!

So, with that said, let’s get started and take a look at Sophia’s book.

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Back when Obsidian Orbital was attacked by Thargoids, this was my 2nd rescue mission that I got involved in. They pay pretty decently if you do well, almost 750K to a million, actually.

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear ObsidianAnt himself making the evacuation announcement over the PA!

I’m the silly kind of guy who would call the station a house, then say the Thargoids attacked ObsidianAnt’s house. Old dA habits die hard.

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