Summer of Gaming Week 4: William – PetiteGames – Indie Game Developer

I ran across this indie developer after I had picked up his game off of Steam during a sale weekend. The title was called “Midnight”, and I was very attached to the music. It really accompanied the game quite nicely, even the sudden “plunk” of keys when you die.

Artwork courtesy Christina Weinman

Neverthless, William (or PetiteGames) was not too hard to track down to bug him with questions about his games:


Tell me a bit about your company. How did it start? What kind of games do you make?

I started Petite Games after university as a side project. I heard there is an opportunity to make games to Wii U via Web Framework. I am a huge Nintendo fan, so it was a great opportunity to jump in. I’m always make games I would like to play. I think my games are affordable, easy to use and hopefully fun.


Hmm, that’s an interesting way to pick up game programming. Did you have previous game development and/or programming background to help you out? Or was this something completely new to you?

It wasn’t a huge change for me. I learned a lot about programming on university and on the internet. I like to create things, so the game development is a hobby me.



Can you briefly tell me a bit about some the titles you’ve released? I’m familiar with Midnight.

I have a several title on the eShop by now, like Toon Tanks. It’s an arcade tank battle game like the tank game from Wii play with 80 levels. My favorite game is Super Destronaut. It’s a fast paced shooter game with several game modes. I’m now working on the sequel now. I have also made a quick Christmas themed game, called Christmas adventure of rocket penguin where is your task to guide the rocket penguin trough the danger.


Do you do all your art and sound assets? Or source them to other people to finish?

Most of the time I make my own art, so my games will have a personal touch. Unfortunately I am not a musician at all. So I use royalty free music and sound effects. In the future I would like to make my own sound effects.


I know there’s a Steam version of Midnight for PC. How are was it to port over to this? Was it daunting to release to the Steam store?

Yes there is a Steam version, but it sold better on Wii U. The port was easy to made. In the progress I made 28 additional levels and now ported them back to Wii U with a few tweaks as Midnight 2.

No it wasn’t that daunting to release it on Steam. I made a Greenlight page then waited the votes. I paid 100$ submission fee for the opportunity to create Greenlight games, but it went to charity, so I had nothing to lose. After about 10 days I got my approval letter from Steam. So really wasn’t that hard.


Any future plans for any new games in the near future that people can look forward to? Any other platforms you’re thinking of making games for?

Yeah, I’m now working on Super Destronaut 2,  and after that I’m planning to make games with Unity game engine. It’s a big step for me and I have to learn a lot. Hopefully I can port Super Destronaut 2 to Xbox One and Steam soon. I’m also thinking about porting the Steam version of Midnight to Xbox One.


Aside from you as a developer, what do you do outside your game-making lifestyle? Any hobbies, interests? What about any games that you like yourself? 🙂

I really like coffee:) In my free time I like to read about coffee beans, coffee machines, coffee grinders and everything about coffee:) I have two hobby Nintendo and coffee.

Nowadays I’m really picky about games. Most of the time only Nintendo games can keep my attention. Last time I played the Mario Edition of Puzzles and Dragons. It’s a very good puzzle game, I can recommend it. Really like the Kart series too. I have spent hundreds of hours playing with Mario Kart 8. I’m also waiting the new Nintendo console the NX. I would like to make game for that console too.


Can’t fault coffee for a hobby. It’s in a whole class of itself beyond just drinking it. My own dad likes to take 3-4 different kinds of coffee and make his own blend. 🙂 Thanks so much!

You can get ahold of William on Twitter at @PetiteGames, along with keeping track of his projects there. In addition, you can always check the Nintendo eShop, Steam and the Xbox marketplaces, too!

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