Please be at ease and patient; your Chaika is charging.

When I turned in tonight, this ridiculous scene greeted me when I plugged in my phone before crawling into the covers. The battery icon was right on Chaika’s forehead (which was my lock screen), and it looked like she was aware that the battery was there. Completely hilarious, and hope you guys get a kick out of it, too.

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I was sleeping when I Dad woke me up, asking me if there was a gas station nearby. I check the GasBuddy app on my phone to be greeted by this. I had to screenshot this to show proof of this gas station; I’ve never heard of it before despite traveling here previously, and it was only because of that app that I now know of its existence.


The name itself gave me a good laugh. I’m not sure what El Cheapo sells, but they’re pretty low, considering the rest of the prices. But too bad, Sunoco has you beat.

**Technical note: the metadata on the screenshot shows 2:52AM, even though the actual screenshot says 3:52AM. This is because of Daylight’s Saving Time, and I’ll be sticking with the shown time for consistency.

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This screenshot off my iPhone pretty much summed up my night life when at ETSU; listening to Touhou doujin music, chatting in online friends from deviantART from Skype, and up at the middle of the night working on something. As you can tell, I was a pretty big fan of Yukari at the time.

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