Please be at ease and patient; your Chaika is charging.

When I turned in tonight, this ridiculous scene greeted me when I plugged in my phone before crawling into the covers. The battery icon was right on Chaika’s forehead (which was my lock screen), and it looked like she was aware that the battery was there. Completely hilarious, and hope you guys get a kick out of it, too.

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My brother gets the credit for this one, while I’m the one who put it together. But multiplaying together every weekend, he got the idea after seeing that Meteor Stahp meme. If you’re a SupCom player, this will make total sense, you’re welcome.


Idea courtesy Robuster.

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So far my Wacom tablet’s been interesting. But how versatile can it be? I put this together in one take tonight, as a way to welcome 2010. I animated each frame in MS Paint, but drew a lot of this with the tablet. Animation frames are a thing. Also that’s my cousin, not me as he could use some nice company for recent events.

Happy New Year!

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