forged alliance

An epic SupCom match that my brother and I played back several years ago. He dumped me a bunch of footage near New Years, and only am now getting around to converting and getting anything usable online (I’m bad, I know).

This was from his point of view, and had saved it because it was worthy of a video. And I agree. With nukes being chucked at us, we stood against all odds and came out on top.

On a minor note, this map is a death trap for some reason. I’ve gotten real rusty on this game the past two years, and almost every time I’m on this map solo, keep flunking and dying via experimental.

Original game date: October 22, 2016

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My brother gets the credit for this one, while I’m the one who put it together. But multiplaying together every weekend, he got the idea after seeing that Meteor Stahp meme. If you’re a SupCom player, this will make total sense, you’re welcome.


Idea courtesy Robuster.

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