I decided to make my own philly cheesesteak recently, considering that it’s hard to get sandwiches or the like where I live. I used this guy’s recipe, minus the worcestershire sauce as I didn’t have any on hand. I also did have to use smaller bread because of the pandemic.


It came out pretty tasty, and got to add two different varieties of cheese and mushrooms. My cousin’s fiance approved as well. I’ll need to make these again sometime.

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Dinner tonight was quite simple; it was just refried beans, canned nacho cheese and some tortilla chips. I didn’t arrange it too dressy as tonight will be my first DnD game ever! Well, a Pathfinder 2e game but still. You can see my dice that I had on hand; that was something I picked up on sale at Barnes and Noble, in 2016 during a trip with my cousin (which I may talk about one day). I’m glad it actually became useful, rather than just its intended use as a shelf decoration for Youtube.


Fingers crossed that this game goes well. I do regret not trying this sooner back in my 20s.

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This one was a tad bit of a doozy; you have Reddit to thank for this fusion.


I recently saw a picture of an English breakfast, namely with the tater tots, brisket steak, eggs and mushrooms. I wanted to give it a stab to the best of my ability, so I decided to try it this morning.


While I do lack the steak, I did have the mushrooms, eggs and tater tots. The eggs were friend and do contain chives. I cooked those in short order; the blueberries were for a dessert, but as I didn’t get to use it and they were getting old, threw them into the breakfast as well. Bread and cheese was Mom’s contribution.


It was pretty tasty; though I need to get a lot better at making my egg looked poached and photographic. Also my mushrooms always seem to not have a lot of flavor. Need to look into that in the future.

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While traveling with my Dad back home to Tennessee, we stopped in at a Waffle House near Lake Park, Georgia I think. I got some eggs and hash with mushrooms and cheese, along with their trademark coffee. It was quite enjoyable, and not bad for a first meal there (yes, that’s the first time I ate there!)



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