Fighter Jet Date – Art Process

I’m discovering a ton of footage I lost the past couple of weeks, including some old art recordings and footage from Orcs Must Die: Unchained. So those are queued pronto, as they’ve been sitting longer.

One week in September, I got quite moody after doing a few pieces of art. Mainly, hearing some people where I live talk about how “they hated flying” and didn’t want to go anywhere near an airplane with utter disdain. I guess when I took to my tablet that night, I wanted to show people who loved those things, envision who I’d be looking for in the future partner-wise, and backdrop that with a bit of sci-fi flavor. I even had the sidekick don the esteemed Azure Empyrea, which the cockpit did not do it justice.

There is a half-sketched prequel to this piece; I’ll share whenever I finish.

You can see the original piece here!

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