The Maddie Maneuver

So in my custom tabletop CoC game, I feature several of the cast from my Heather and Janus Fairytale settings. One of these is Maddie, Elizabeth’s sister. She helped co-manage a tavern by the name of The Nosy Ram, named after Fluff. She was a bit of a source of information for the players, who often visited her establishment.


One of her favorite things to do was to grab a chair and sit with the players, often flipping the chair and sitting backwards on it. A few of them found this hilarious, and the players associated this posture with the character. They also dubbed this after the famous “Riker Maneuver”, in which Will Riker sweeps his leg to it over a chair. So I decided to quickly draw this out for them.


One thing’s for sure; Janus and Heather have a pretty eccentric aunt. Pretty sure she makes Elizabeth facepalm quite a bit, too.

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