A Date in a Fighter Jet

A personal piece I did this evening, was sort of in a mood after hearing some people carry on about. One thing I will not understand about people from East Tennessee, is their inherent dislike of flying. Not just “I’m scared of flying”, but “I DON’T like flying.”


This piece specifically came about when one person I knew declared they would rather drive 15-17 hours someplace, and not fly a few hours to cover the distance. They were getting into a relationship with a friend of mine, and said friend sees not flying anywhere as an inconvenience. They complain how they want to go cross country, but can’t fly because their partner “doesn’t want to fly”, and eventually don’t go anywhere because it’s too far to drive.


I’m mobile and a bit of a nomad. I’m adaptable enough to travel and go somewhere on a moment’s notice. I’m not tied to home to a degree, and don’t need to be living “an hour away” from people if there’s an opportunity. This includes packing a suitcase and strapping my behind into 24 tons of CRJ-900 to get to somewhere else. That affinity probably has also to do with that I actually flew in the past.


And while it has been years since I sat in a cockpit, it’s something I want to do again. I want the person of my life to be able to travel with me, even taking the coveted “right-seat”.


Suffice to say, I would no longer work out with a woman who hates airplanes, flying or even being at an airport.


I came to all these realizations when laying out this piece, and what turned out from a quick doodle ramped into this very personal, self-affirmation piece of what I’m looking for in the future. I think at a point I even started watching King Aviation videos, a flying couple whose names I’m familiar with since I started to fly back in 2005. They are pretty cool people (and quite humorous too).


I don’t think I’m looking for some well-versed pilot that has hundred of hours more of flight time than me. Bonus yes, but I think I see someone who knows what the glass-panel/instruments mean, and has an idea of what does what. But most of all, isn’t afraid of what’s in front of her, and to give her hand at it.


I used my two OC’s from my Jennifer story last year, as the setting was appropriate. As a small Easter egg, Jennifer is wearing the Azure Empyrea from Honkai Impact 3rd. I didn’t do it justice in the backseat of a fighter jet, so I’ll need to revisit that concept one day.


Sorry if that’s a long bit of text. As a matter of fact, this is probably the longest description I’ve had on any art piece I’ve posted to my site. Fingers crossed I find what I’m looking for in the future.

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