Took this a short bit ago, this mushroom had sprouted randomly in the yard next to the shed. Dad didn’t mow it over, letting me look at it first.


I can say with certainty I’ve not seen a mushroom this big, especially close to the house. I definitely think it’s in the Amanita category; while it’s not the color, the 2nd biggest mushroom on the property was an Amanita of some sort, and has the same patching on top. So fairly accurate in the ID, I think.

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During my 2nd to last week of college at ETSU, I was in the print lab getting ready to hand in some stuff for Typography. It was semi-bittersweet; I wanted out of school because it felt like I was just being stuck there and not accomplishing a whole bunch, but I loved how it felt being late spring and having a bit of roam in the print lab. I happened to look out the window and saw how nice the yard looked outside, and decided to grab a shot. You can see a bit of me in the mirror in the lower right corner.


This was Ball Hall for those who was curious, 2nd floor I believe. I think this is looking north towards the big yard in front of Ball and Sam Wilson.

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