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Just pulled over in Greeneville for a moment while heading over to my new place, as my temperature gauge started to go up all of a sudden. I have no idea why; thankfully it started to settle back to normal once I got to driving over 55 mph  on 11-E. I’ll need to check the coolant level upon touchdown, but I have a feeling something else is going on here.

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While I was on the fallout from all the friends I had, I had become strong in myself during the summer. That goes in varying degrees, but I took this photo one day while coming in after having gone for a run, snapping the photo. With me regarding Orion as a fighter/starship, I felt like a pilot pretty much. And the confidence showed; everyone both on dA and Facebook said I looked cool and collected. I wish the people I knew had the same thing to say; but hey, they’re not there, right?

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I’ve had some people asking me about Orion’s interior, specifically the inside. So I decided to grab this shot before I headed out; considering it’s Monday and all. So what’s going on here?


Well first, you get quad power outlets, leather boot for the shifter, pedal plates, steering wheel cover, rubber liner for the handbrake well and while it’s not visible, a temperature/compass/clock on the floor of the console. I also have a neck brace on the seat belt to make it more comfortable when driving long distance.


Upper section you get to see my radar detector (which works better as a scanner for everything else BUT police radar), a notepad to jot down something quick and an dolphin amulet I had bought from Pigeon Forge a few years ago.


The blue switch does light up, and controls the runner lights on the windshield sprayer nozzles; they’re a bright blue, and illegal to drive with in Tennessee. So I have a manual switch to control them separately from the main lights. The hole to the left of it was for another switch that toggles with a nice green light, and is supposed to be setup for a pair of fog lights in the near future.


So yes, my cockpit ladies and gentlemen. Now you know what it’s like to be at Orion’s helm.


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I took me a bit to get this up here, but a guy I knew out of Astronomy class snapped this with his camera, back when we were building our traffic cone for the Walters State drunk driving event. Traditional film, black and white. About a week afterwards he gave me a print, which I did drag my feet to post.


Either way, he thought it was funny that the res of us had our phones out taking photos.


Never got taken out in that kind of medium, I will admit!


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