I love to shop at Publix, if it wasn’t obvious already. Especially in the evening of the summer months; it’s a way for me to relax. I’m not an advocate for retail therapy, but when you’re at home quite a bit, getting out helps alleviate being shut-in.


When I went this evening and was about to leave, I noted this large anvil cloud forming in the distance. I was inspiring to look at, especially seeing it loom in the low-light evening hours. I’m almost certain I’ll see a storm wen driving home tonight.

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When I was out for my evening exercise walk, this growing cumulonimbus caught my attention. Aside from it being an interesting sight, I took a snap as it’d be helpful when doing Ellowwood artwork (as it is a skyworld, after all).


I’ve seen this scene a number of times, but a lot of times I’m driving to not take a picture.I’m glad to actually have caught this phenomenon with a camera in hand.

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