I find that nowadays I get home, I just want to veg out a little bit and do something else than either be in the house or napping. I do get tired, but until I hammer out a better schedule, I hop outside just as it starts to cool down just a little. And since this is the end of August, it’s thankfully not sweltering hot when out here.


So often I have a soda, taking my saucer chair and lounging on the back porch with my Iconia A100 tablet, browsing deviantART or Houzz  (as you can see here). It is a little clunky but the Houzz app works beautifully, and it’s like browsing virtual housing without leaving your couch.


Time will tell when I finally start doing something in the evenings.


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One evening while I was at my apartment, I decided to have a chat with my sister on Skype, listening to her trying to write some fiction. Some villainous character of hers was supposed to make a resurgence but it was failing spectacularly. He was made akin to the “Phoenix”, as he was supposed to make such a comeback having been defeated.


As you can see my mind sometimes goes off in different directions. I visualized this occurrence as such, and sent the doodle over. I don’t recall how exactly it was received, but the effort was noted, nonetheless.

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