I’m heading out to NYC for awhile, and definitely plan to snag you some interesting photos if not stories for you guys. In my absence, enjoy this piece in the meantime. I’ve always joked about sticking someone with older-fashioned clothes in a car for a road trip, so I’m glad to finally properly get this illustrated.


Character Lineart courtesy Christina Weinman.

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This was an…interesting idea to say the least. I’m just glad Christina put up with me on this one.


Basically I had this idea of an Alice in Wonderland scenario, except it was someone from an older period falling into a modern or sci-fi cyberpunk setting (neo Tokyo, etc). This was one of the first times I used stock photos for the background, and had a ton of fun coloring this together. Basically the girl in the middle is getting a good helping of the modern conveniences, along with meeting some cool peeps.


It was supposed to evolve into a story, and I had plans for this character to be actually decent at playing arcade games. I didn’t quite get further into the plot beyond that, though.


Lineart by Christina Weinman. Coloring and everything else by me.

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