This is another of those “grab a photo to show Dave what I’m eating”, which then works for all of you to see what I’m also eating. Win-win both ways.


On this Friday night I show you what’s for dinner, spicy dal and very well-made roti. It’s a simplistic but very tasty dish. There’s also some chutney in there for added tang; you can’t go wrong with this combination.


Suffice to say Dave was very pleased. He’s now claiming we need to mix bratwurst with roti and have a combination/cross-cultural cook off one of these days. That actually sounds very enticing.


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So why is this called Mystery Fish curry, even though it’s vegetarian? Simple; it’s never made the same way twice. Sometimes it can be worse, sometimes it can be made better. The last time it was made “great” was sometime in 2012 I believe, I’d have to go back and look. Despite this we regard it as a special dish, and we make truthful jokes of “how the fish curry will come out this time”.

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