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Soul of the Progenitors

A Homeworld Fanfiction

by Crobato

Originally posted December 1, 2004 – 12:31AM

Act 17

Aboard the Celios, Atos System, Maranak Sector

They had all but discarded the trappings of their former past. Their elegant uniforms of bright color, gold and silver trimmings, medals of shining metal, badges of precious stones, now replaced with mere robes of flaxen linen and beige cloth. Their beliefs taught them that such trappings of boast and rank, now longer mean anything. For those under the Mission, there were only brother and sister, father and mother.

They had defied their race, their rank, their duties, left their family, friends and their comrades, all to answer a higher call, a call that came only from the deepest most primal urging of the Universe, of all Intelligence, and of all Life itself.

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