I decided to make my own philly cheesesteak recently, considering that it’s hard to get sandwiches or the like where I live. I used this guy’s recipe, minus the worcestershire sauce as I didn’t have any on hand. I also did have to use smaller bread because of the pandemic.


It came out pretty tasty, and got to add two different varieties of cheese and mushrooms. My cousin’s fiance approved as well. I’ll need to make these again sometime.

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I love to shop at Publix, if it wasn’t obvious already. Especially in the evening of the summer months; it’s a way for me to relax. I’m not an advocate for retail therapy, but when you’re at home quite a bit, getting out helps alleviate being shut-in.


When I went this evening and was about to leave, I noted this large anvil cloud forming in the distance. I was inspiring to look at, especially seeing it loom in the low-light evening hours. I’m almost certain I’ll see a storm wen driving home tonight.

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