I’ve passed this tree numerous times on the way home from work, but have never stopped to take a proper picture. It always looks so lone and ominous, especially during the afternoons when heading back in. So I just simply decided to grab it one day, no matter how poor the quality is.


This is the result. Looks like a pretty good landmark, doesn’t it?

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When I was taking a breather, I realized the book I grabbed (Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku) made an interesting reflection and setup in my bedroom mirror; just like it was in a parallel world! So I snapped this quickly. I do apologize for the messy floor a bit, I hadn’t quite thought that I would be posting this. Maybe that side of the mirror the floor’s clean?

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I took me a bit to get this up here, but a guy I knew out of Astronomy class snapped this with his camera, back when we were building our traffic cone for the Walters State drunk driving event. Traditional film, black and white. About a week afterwards he gave me a print, which I did drag my feet to post.


Either way, he thought it was funny that the res of us had our phones out taking photos.


Never got taken out in that kind of medium, I will admit!


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