online buddy

I’m discovering a ton of footage I lost the past couple of weeks, including some old art recordings and footage from Orcs Must Die: Unchained. So those are queued pronto, as they’ve been sitting longer.

When I met my online buddy Wayc, I had created him a Kashri OC for him to use with stories, etc. In 2019 we had cooked up this sort of spoof of a zany 50’s story akin to the classic The Blob, so I was starting to do some artwork for him in a dump for inspiration. I had done more than these two figures, but these were the ones I supposedly decided to get footage of.

While that was for him and is not for public sharing, I can share the footage of what I’ve done at least!

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So when Christina and I went to to play putt putt golf on my last day, we went to Pirate’s Cove Golf Course. The last time I played putt putt golf was in someplace in Newport in 2006; while that course wasn’t bad, the circumstances were a lot different and less enjoyable.


I had a ton of fun here, had someone I knew to some degree teaching me the game and got to play in mild weather. It was really great, and someplace I do recommend people visiting!

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