This was something I was working on since June, but had let it sit for several months. Partially pandemic inspired, too.


More or less my Janus Fairytale characters getting put in a lower island layer on their world, finding lots of strange fungal and plant growth. Old, eerie ruins loom in the back, hinting of a greater presence in the past. Small spore wisps sprout out of the grass, glowing with a soft orange light.


I listened to this for a bit while working on this, so I think it helped carry the tone I was aiming for.

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Took this a short bit ago, this mushroom had sprouted randomly in the yard next to the shed. Dad didn’t mow it over, letting me look at it first.


I can say with certainty I’ve not seen a mushroom this big, especially close to the house. I definitely think it’s in the Amanita category; while it’s not the color, the 2nd biggest mushroom on the property was an Amanita of some sort, and has the same patching on top. So fairly accurate in the ID, I think.

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While traveling with my Dad back home to Tennessee, we stopped in at a Waffle House near Lake Park, Georgia I think. I got some eggs and hash with mushrooms and cheese, along with their trademark coffee. It was quite enjoyable, and not bad for a first meal there (yes, that’s the first time I ate there!)



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