Michiko Bates Chronicles: Book #1 Paperback


Paperback print copy of Michiko Bates Book #1.

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After a long development phase, Michiko’s story finally reaches print form!

Meet Michiko Bates, a nerdy, introverted Asian-American teenager living an average lifestyle in the suburbs of Manassas, VA. All this changes one night when a mysterious pendant shows up, granting her the ability to “slip” between different worlds. After landing in the world of Talishaw like a fish out of water, she’s caught up in a struggle to save the city from destruction.

From a writer, a game designer and an illustrator, this unlikely trio comes together to bring this lovable (and cute) character to life in this amazing fantasy adventure! Sporting over 50,000 words and 22 illustrations, this will certainly be a must to read.

Book is approximately 360 pages, matte paperback with ivory pages. Size is 5.2″ x 8″.

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