When the pandemic started, I had started to do a project where my Heather universe would be involved in crossovers. These were mostly for fun, and to let people experience my world in a way. Generally, it was someone else’s character getting teleported in to explore about.

Up to date, I still have three of them to finish, mostly due to some illnesses and a lack of actual writing. But after recently revisiting the deviantART community, I came across a curious piece from a user that goes by CapnDeek373. We’ve ran into each other before via comment exchanges, and this was why I had ended up at his creation. A joke was laid out about Heather mucking about his setting, and that led up to this tale.

This one is unique as it involves Heather visiting another setting, which is not the usual direction I take these tales. The setting’s appropriate for her to check out, and lines up with a lot of the story beats I typically try to have her involved in (typically something horror and exploration related). CapnDeek’s pieces line up with a surreal, mysterious and eldritch vibe; that just adds to that appeal even more.

Be sure to check out his deviantART, where he does do frequent updates on his world. Do pay homage at the piece that made this crossover tale spawn into being as well, which is aptly titled shot room #1.

Without further adieu, here’s said tale. Enjoy!

Ellowwood Town Center, Cotley’s
Approximately 3PM
YTD 334, 26th day of the 4th month

“I thought Mom said you were going to go on an adventure,” Janus complained.

Heather exhaled in a huff, unhooking her thumbs in her suspenders.

“I told her I was going to meet Caroline at Cotley’s. Maybe she thinks it’s an adventure for you.”

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