Todd Squad Delta: Filler #3 – Halloween Showdown

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This one was a blast, despite having to draw so many figures. But the feedback was worth it!


Did you know that apparently it’s a thing to dress up as MLM products? Me neither. So Todd and company decide to show off some proper Halloween costumes. We have Todd as the Deus Ex Machina guy, Benthessia as Witch Mercy, Marcella as 2B and Vash’na as Sylvanas. Also enjoy the Gatchaman reference, too!


We have tons of subreddit references here, and all of the huns were from posts featured on the board during Halloween. Someone dressed up their kid as a Young Living oils bottle, as unbelievable as it sounds.


Looking at this from a general distance, I believe I mixed the colors real well on this one. This particular one looks a bit vibrant from the others. I think it has to do because I did most of the backgrounds and didn’t use filtered stock photos. Hmm…

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  1. Jezurin

    This was such fun to read. Keep up the good work saving people from evil mlms’! You rock for this!

    • Janeil_H

      Thank you! Glad you stopped by, new episodes are supposed to come out later this summer. I’ll definitely keep it up!