I’m Back – Status Updates 2017

Whelp, it’s been an era since you heard from me. Winter came and went and now we’re in the middle of summer. Sorry about the silence. Let’s get a quick blurb of what I’m catching up on and where we’re going next.

Slowly starting to queue up content again. While I don’t have a lot of written stuff yet, I’ve done some art things and will be posting that. I think I’ve stabilized my real life to focus on this properly so let’s hope that pans out and I keep giving you guys stuff worth your time.

I’ll also be taking a dive to social media. I’m hoping to get some good content to get a following, and I’ve gotten several tips from people to try Instagram, Pinterest, etc. So as soon as I get those up, you can follow me over there.Also gearing to launch my Patreon as well.

Also I’ve been a bit more active on Youtube than anything else. This is mixed for me; I enjoy Youtube though it doesn’t really have a good “return”, and I would rather put more effort and make the site run instead of ignoring it. So I’ll try to stick to a balance and get “actual” content going once again.

I’m also aware of trying to solve that issue on my hard drive tutorial with “Command not found”; still haven’t found a solution as yet. Haven’t had a testbed to try anything, so whatever I offer is pure theory from behind a technical desk. And I don’t want to sprout random nonsense that’ll cause an issue. So sit tight with that.

Yes, Command’s on it. Hang on!

I’ve also got a new part for that tutorial having solved another snag that people keep running into. I have a link in comments, but I’ll be posting a whole and proper tutorial with what to do, too.

Again, the WD My Cloud is the most visited page on my site up to date. Thank you for me being able to help you in some way.

I’ll be rolling things once again. First thing that’ll be up is a long-promised article on the historical figure known as Lucy Hood. The guys over at the Carthage Civil War museum have been extremely patient, and I do want to sincerely apologize to them that all this life stuff has prevented me from keeping my site up to date while trying to make a living every waking second. We’re close for launch for it, so hope to see you soon! In fact, here’s a snippet of one of the art pieces we were talking about:

A cute and adorable chibi (Japanese art style) of Lucy Hood!

Also coming out with a new Heather audio drama! While being spooky, this is more of a mystery sort of scenario revolving around some things in a old lighthouse. We’ve started artwork, in the middle of full-blown script production and are rounding up people to do voices. Still not sure about everyone, but Chelsea Cook and Angie Cillo are definitely back on board for Heather and Janus’ voices respectively!

And I think that counts for updates. Managing with freelance work but am still looking for something more reliable (either more freelance work or a full-time position). Taking a semi-professional break from Overwatch, slowed down on art but have been working on stuff offline. Writing has been sparse but still doing it.

All right, enough about me. Back to work I go.

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