Announcement: Dawnstar now on Steam Greenlight

Hello peeps,

Just a quick announcement to let you know that Dawnstar got submitted to Steam Greenlight. I’m approximately about a month to six weeks away from completion of the final product, having just finished coding up to the first “big” mission. There’s approximately four of those left, the ending, the outro, and then a splice that would lead to a next episode.

So please do show your support by voting for Dawnstar to be released on Steam. Despite whatever happens over there, I will be releasing the game on my website and other channels that will allow the game to be distributed on. The link is here:

Steam Greenlight Page for Dawnstar

Also special thanks to Chelsea Cook for narrating the Steam Greenlight trailer. Yep, same girl from Teens React. How’d that happen? Long story but glad it did. Really proud and grateful that she was able to help me out. Check that out below, too:


Keep following along! I’ll have an official Facebook page and Twitter for Dawnstar sometime over the weekend or a little later.

I’ll also get you that long-promised update. Things are getting back on track; slowly, but back on track.

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