Michiko Bates #1 Update: Now at Most Online Retailers

Hi everyone,

Recently I had a 90-day exclusive agreement with Amazon regarding the distribution of the first Michiko Bates book. This has recently ended, allowing me to push the book to other major retailers.


Cosplay courtesy of China Barbie.

Book one hit the three major outlets of iTunes, the Nook store and Kobo a few days ago, including Smashwords and Scribd. All are linked below:

The book will show up in other spots such as the Gardners Library, Oyster, Flipkart and a handful of other outlets that Smashwords distributes to.

The only place you’ll not see this book right now is the Google Play store. Google aren’t accepting any new signups due to that piracy snafu they had a few years back. If this changes, I’ll update you.

Lastly the book is available off my site via Gumroad! As a special thank-you for buying it from me here, the book is permanently marked down 25%, which brings the price to $3. You get two version of the book as well, an EPUB and a MOBI file, too! You can find it in the store section of my site under the Books category here.

I’m glad that I’ve finally been able to distribute my book to all these different retailers, giving you guys various options to read it. Thanks so much for the following and support. Do appreciate it!

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