March 2016 Update

An update is well-warranted at this point. Probably sounding too stern, but some serious stuff has happened in the last two weeks and need to catch you all up on what’s happening. Do note this was composed two days ago and is now being auto-posted on Saturday.

First, hours at my job has significantly decreased. This hasn’t changed for almost a month now, so I am on the search for either new employment for full-time work online. Most of my waking hours has been spent in such avenues. I have been semi-successful with the latter, so when I’m not looking for a job, I’m doing other work online.

About the same time my Jeep broke down. The fuel pump, an expensive $300 part was to blame. This took about ten days to fix on and off and finally got it running on Sunday of this week. A lot of difficulties took place in doing this and ate up a good portion of my time as well. The only good thing to come out of it is you’ll get a Tutorial from me on how to remove a gas tank from a Jeep of that make and model year.


The back end of Pompeii, my Jeep Grand Cherokee that’s causing all these issues.

This thing was the bane of my Jeep's problems. $300! (Well, more like $279.99)

This thing was the bane of my Jeep’s problems. $300! (Well, more like $279.99)

Because of that, I’ve had a lot less time to do the entries on my blog. I had a backlog that has just been eaten up because of my lack of attention to typing posts; that’s why the Heather serial was late last week and there was no Review and no Storytime this week.

I’m trying to get things into order again and I’ve started typing. I went to a job interview today, which landed me in a big city center and a Starbucks. So I’ll be utilizing that visit to catch up on things a bit.

Otherwise in between of online work, I’ll be getting it back on track. It’s hard to believe three weeks of content just poofed into the queue, but I can understand it a bit.

Definitely still plan on putting out the next episode of Heather this weekend. It’ll probably be released on Sunday and backdated, though. I’ll probably not post this week’s content until my backlog is caught up.

Sit tight!

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