Project Update: Michiko Bates Book #1

Thought I’d drop in quickly and give you an official update on Michiko Bates and the progress it stands. I’ve been directing posts regarding art to go on the Tumblr periodically, but aside from the Kickstarter backers, haven’t really made an official statement in case something else gets majorly delayed. I think its safe to do so at this point.

Despite the Kickstarter failure, we still prodded on. Continued writing, continued drawing and whatever else. Now one year later, we’ve made a lot more headway that what we had originally planned. What had started out as a 40,000-50,000 word novel with 10 sketches turned out to be a 70,000 word novel with over 22 illustrations.

Both Katarzyna and Tanya have had major milestones with their education in the past year, which required them to be on a bit of a hiatus as they focused on their academics. They’ve overcome major hurdles, acquiring degrees and certifications. I wish them heartfelt congratulations for their accomplishments and wish them the best in their new lives ahead.

Already this year we’ve passed a major milestone in late spring; completing the actual writing. Tanya and I are currently going through last-minute typos just in case, having already made good progress in the few months following. At this point we are calling the written work done.

Katarzyna is also going along steady with the illustrations. She’s currently completed a little over half the drawings for the project. I’ve also been coloring them over to help them stand out better, having made significant progress since spring.

I’m uncertain about a release this year but I’m certainly pushing for it. With the way things are, there’s a good possibility but I don’t want to make a call then not make it. As things solidify a lot more, I’ll make another formal announcement close to the release date.



Condensed version:

Writing = Done
Editing = Done
Illustrations = 65%
Coloring = 50%


I’ve also been recently interviewed by the talented Hermione over at A Book and a Cup of Coffee, so go ahead and give that a look!

With that, enjoy another writing sample and some thumbs of some of our progress this summer!

illus_3_resized illus_14_fin_resized ill_5_rvb_2

*Art of feature image courtesy dashingice. Background image resource courtesy Hans Braxmeier.

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